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Halloween: Parade, A Party and Plenty of Candy

Friday We finally got around to carving pumpkins. It would've been more fun with G.G. and Grandpa, but it would do. We had a few days to spare before Halloween, anyhow.   I love the light shadows from our leaded glass windows.  Brooke and Meadow teamed up while Theo and I tried our best. The kids added their pumpkins to our stoop. Thanks previous owners for leaving the giant pumpkins for us.

G.G 70th Birthday Twin Cities Adventures

Originally Scott was supposed to be gone this week on a work trip. I had asked my parents if they could come to help with the kids while I was at work.  Unfortunately  I wasn't going down to shoot one of the big boat shows in Florida. On the plus side we'd get to spend time with G.G. on her 70th birthday weekend. With the trip cancelled I asked if they still wanted to come. Before they arrived Meadow made neopolitan cookies.  These were some of the best cookies we've ever made. Thanks, Meadow's cookie cookbook. The next morning Theo asked grandpa if they could snuggle together. I had plans to take my parents to a pizza farm. Since the drive was an hour away we tried to find things to do in the area. We picked up some food for a picnic and hiked at Rice Lake State Park.  I feel like this is the second time I've had a job and Brooke's taken the kids to this state park.   True story. Most of the leaves are gone near the Twin Cities, but not down here.    We found a

Union Boss Blake Comes to Minneapolis

  Blake was in town for his annual Union Conference. After dinner we walked over to Lynlake Brewery for some drinks.  We'd never been and thought it was about time. We brought games but they had a hug pile of their own.  I love when the kids root beers come in fancy glasses. 

Nate's Winter, Wisconsin Cabin in the Fall

My buddy Nate recently bought a cabin near Winter, Wisconsin. He'll be AirBNBing it when he isn't enjoying it, so we got to try the place out and take some pics. I'm not sure what I was expecting but not this. I guess I wasn't expecting it to be a new construction and be so fancy. It's a decade old and looks great.   We awoke to a frost covered forest. After arriving at night we got to see what the surroundings actually look like. We were both surprised to see quite a few trees had already lost their leaves.  The main goal this time was capturing the interior and fall colors. A week earlier would've been perfect peak colors, but not bad. The upstairs is a loft area with two beds. 

Apple Picking, American Swedish Institute, Pie Baking and Another Farmers Market Visit

  Usually we go apple picking right after Labor Day to get the best apples. This year we were too busy I guess. To avoid the weekend crowds I looked for an orchard that was open on evenings. This brought us back to Fall Harvest Orchard .  Apparently we have been here before , but I have no recollection. So it was new for Theo and felt new for me. The orchard had peacocks roaming around.