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A Day Hiking in Osceola

On our little hiking trip yesterday Meadow complained her hiking boots were too tight. Didn't we just get those for her? I found a pair her size on Facebook Marketplace. Since I had to meet the seller in Hudson we decided to make a day out of it. After picking up the shoes we were hungry for lunch.    This time with Scott. I was back! We weren't sure where to eat and saw Big Guy's BBQ Roadhouse along WI-35.   The food was pretty good. Probably ordered the wrong items though. Wonder if this place is ever full.    Maybe during a Packers game? As part of my never ending saved locations on Google Maps I had Cascade Falls saved for a few years now. Since we were in the "area" we drove up to Osceola.    She's kind of obsessed with waterfalls and Minnesota's Hiking Club trails. I just want to go for a hike.

Another Work Trip to South Florida Means Another Olger Night Out While Brooke and the Kids Go Hiking

  My "boss" Vincent sent me back down to Florida to shoot a couple yachts during the Palm Beach International Boat Show. I really wish he'd get more of a heads up when he goes on these trips so we can plan to meet him. Actually this week wouldn't have worked with my work schedule anyway. Maybe next time.  I wanted to bring them along, but her coworker was on vacation. So a solo trip it was. I only had to shoot one morning after a couple boats fell through. So I decided to explore the coast between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. I ended up at Cafe Tecun in nearby Lake Worth. And then I made my way down to Fort Lauderdale where I'd meet with my buddy Olger.

Our First Family Bike Ride of 2022

  On Friday night Meadow and I started a game of Monopoly. I couldn't remember exactly how to play so I read the directions. Wow we were playing all wrong as kids. I thought we'd actually play by the rules this time. Waffles for breakfast this week. Meadow built a house for Theo out of Magnatiles. A very fragile home. For some reason the kids love to climb on the old compost bins in our yard.  

At Home in March (And Ice Skating in Maple Grove)

    The kids asked for crepes for breakfast.    I have to get my crepes between batches.   

Big Bog-Warroad 37th Brooke Day

This years birthday cabin trip took us up to Warroad. To break up the drive we decided to stop halfway and stay in a yurt at Cuyuna Country Recreation Area . Once we arrived it was already pretty dark out. I also didn't realize the park was so big and we entered in the opposite direction of where we needed to be. The yurts were all walk in and we ended up in the one that was the farthest from the parking lot.    Scott also didn't realize the yurt was heated by wood stove only. Let's just say he wasn't too pleased with this surprise. I was a wee bit crabby. I had totally forgotten that yurts are wood fire only heat. On a cold night it was going to take a while to heat up our cozy confines. After a mild few days in Minneapolis the temperature here was 5F.