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Union Boss Blake Comes to Minneapolis


Blake was in town for his annual Union Conference. After dinner we walked over to Lynlake Brewery for some drinks. 

We'd never been and thought it was about time.

We brought games but they had a hug pile of their own. 

I love when the kids root beers come in fancy glasses. 

Everyone except for Meadow played a round of Sorry.

We've never been to this brewery yet. It always seemed like one that people generally don't bring their kids to. While looking up what this space used to be we discovered its 21+ after 6pm. Whoops. 

I guess the bartenders didn't mind.

It recently became a Packers bar, so maybe Theo's jersey was our ticket in.

The next day, before Blake headed home Theo and I took him to the MIA. I hadn't been here since pre-Covid. 

Blake in his favorite exhibit. 

Theo did pretty good. After awhile he said he was bored and wanted to go home.

There were a few bicycles painted to match artwork in the museum. I loved this one. 

Thanks for coming Blake. See you next time the union is in town.


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