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G.G. & Grandpa Visit. Fun ensues.

A collection of super-sweet cereals....must mean that the G.G. and Grandpa are here. They arrived early enough to surprise Meadow at school. More cereal. Meadow is wearing a dress that she picked out at Tandem Vintage. Meadow had to mark all her favorites while we waited for Brooke. Our little garden has been very plentiful this year. I went down to the garden to get some fresh peppers. I made stuffed peppers for everyone and then watched the Packers game with Mr. Mike.  After dropping Meadow off at school I took my parents to their new favorite store, The Container Store. With our new bed we needed new under-bed baskets.  After having lunch at Tap Society we went across the street to Patisserie 46 for dessert. At night we brought Brooke's parents to Utepils. Check out their ski flight. Of course Meadow got her root beer.   She loves breweries because she gets root beer. Theo kept himsel