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Our Clothes Are Too Old?

Breakfast was going to take longer than I had thought. I forgot to add in the time for roasting beets. Meadow gets super cranky/tantrum city if she doesn't eat right away so I tied her over with a banana. Yesterday we spent the entire day running errands. Is this how normal people spend their Saturdays? The only time we have to go shopping is to get groceries, but yesterday we had to get a birthday gift, buy kitty food, go to the camera store, grocery shop and then we tried selling our clothes at three different stores. None of them would take our clothes because they were too "old" or "faded". Some of it was stuff I got before I was pregnant and no longer fit. I guess it will all have to be sold at the rummage sale. When we started looking it them ourselves we thought the consignment shops were crazy. While some weren't too stylish many were quite cool still. One of her favorite activities is turning the lights on and off and saying &q

Oh Homeownership

Our morning ritual of Meadow and I making breakfast while Scott sleeps in.  We haven't had bagel and egg sandwiches in a long time so I put it on the menu this week. These are always a good quick breakfast. This is Meadow's favorite place in the whole house. She thinks she's a cat. She drags her chair all the way from the dining room to the front window. It's probably a good thing we never got around to refinishing the floors. Since our main floor bathroom is still under construction that means no bath for Meadow. I filled up our kitchen sink and she refused to go in. She got a shower instead. Every time I give her a bath she points to her towel and says, "Baby!" I then wrap her up, rock her and sing, "Oh, Mama's little baby." It's the one time she lets me hold her like this so I enjoy the moment.  I had to prime and paint the bead board we're putting in the bathroom. Meanwhile Meadow refuse

Pancakes and Flash Photography

Today's weather promised to be in the 70's. Sounds good to me. I of course would be too busy to partake in any fun. For breakfast we had pancakes and smoothies. Scott finished work in the basement while Meadow and I had mama-baby time. It took way longer than I thought to get all this done. Finally pretty much finished. We enjoyed the weather by going for a bike ride. Meadow sure got heavier since last year. Going up hills was much more difficult with her on back so we stuck to the Victory Memorial Parkway. Brooke whipped together some summer rolls from leftovers. Mr. Joel, a friend of mine from the neighborhood board, came over and we pulled off some bulging tile. The plan was just to repair this section, but then we changed our minds. All this plastic tile would have to go. Scott ripped off the old wallpaper and found ghosts of bathrooms past. It looks like our bathroom originally had the fake or maybe real subway tile that went u

A Duluth Dance Party and Savanna Portage Winter Cabin Camping for Brooke's 30th Birthday

While cleaning out closets I stumbled upon my old Gumby toys. Meadow took a liking to them right away. We decided to bring them along on Brooke's birthday trip.