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Milwaukee Thanksgiving without the Dinner Thing

Friday morning we went down to Milwaukee for our second Thanksgiving. While looking through Black Friday ads for fun I saw that Shopko had nutcrackers on sale. We buy a new nutcracker every year to add to our collection. We even have a song we sing called, "I've Got a Collection of Nutcrackers." Both of us have worked on Black Friday, but never shopped. At least we went later in the day and not when all the stabbing crazies are out. That's only at Wal-Mart. We like to avoid Wal-Mart when possible. We had a hard time deciding which one to get. We settled on a gnome. On our way to Shopko I spotted a frozen custard joint. We stopped for lunch. Jumbo's turned out to be a one of kind stop even if it seemed like it was run by Chicago-natives. Chicago-style red hots at a custard joint? And no cheese curds?! Just like in Amelie that gnome is everywhere. We decided to feed Meadow before heading on. I ate before we made the final f