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St Nick and a Duluth Christmas Weekend

St Nick Day! Pitty the fools who don't celebrate this Wisconsin tradition via the Netherlands. Kirby! Cat ornament! Pretty good St Nick loot this year.

Christmas Time is Here in the Year 2023

Earlier this week we were invited to an open house at the new apartment building behind us. Meadow was sick and Scott didn't really want to go but I convinced him. Hey, I can see our house. Except there's the part Brooke is leaving out where we went on the tour and then got stuck in an elevator with like 14 people for an hour. Still nice to see the new neighbor. The first thing Theo does when he wakes up or comes home from school is play the Switch. Can you blame him? The new Zelda is rad.    I made a rare breakfast for the family. Well at least part of it: sweet potato latkes. Meanwhile, I whipped up our egg sandwiches.