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Meadow @ 6 Years

 At six years old Meadow weighs 42 pounds and is 3'9" tall. Meadow loves to read books, go to playgrounds, do art and crafts, watch tv, play dress up, making new friends and swim in pools. She's picked up learning to read really quickly. She loves school and does really well in math. She has gotten less shy and will make new friends at the playground and even talk to their parents. She's still our night owl. She would stay up until midnight if we let her and sleep until 10:30. She can sleep through any noise including Theo's screaming. Here are Meadow's answers this year.  How old are you?  Six What is your favorite color?  Rainbow! What is your favorite animal?  umm, what was the first one? My favorite animal is...butterfly! What is your favorite book?  Pinkalicious! What is your favorite TV show?  Umm, um, um Magic School Bus Rides Again. That's the new one. What is your favorite movie?  All of the movies you

Our Little Fairy (Meadow) Turns 6

As soon as Meadow woke up we let her open her present from us. A Captain Marvel dress. When I bought it I thought it was Wonder Woman. She still loves it. I think she likes it better than her Wonder Woman costumes. She can wear this one wherever. The birthday girl requested banana split yogurt for breakfast. She had some trouble blowing out a candle. While Scott ran out to buy an air conditioner, Meadow and I assembled fruit wands. Sadly the watermelon was bad and we were only able to make two. It was super hot and some special guests were coming to stay with us. Meadow's not great with heat. So I caved in. This year we had her party location at Beard's Plaisance on the other side of Lake Harriet. We had biked past there many times in the last year and it seemed like a perfect location for a gnome and fairy party. I was worried we weren't going to find a spot, but we were the only ones here! A little gnome was the first to show up