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Coronavirus: Week 3

Meadow's suddenly a Facetime fanatic. Brooke's parents were supposed to be here this weekend, but couldn't come up after the stay at home orders were put in place. Plus Ikea and all the breweries are closed. They're literally nothing for them to do. 

Coronavirus: Week 2

After rearranging the kids room we decided to keep Theo's kitchen in the hallway so he could cook with Scott. I guess Theo thought it should be closer.

Coronavirus: Week 1

Things sure have changed a lot in the last week. Things are closing and the Coronavirus is starting to spread. We stocked up on groceries with plans to stay in for awhile. One thing we forgot was cat food so we took a walk to our neighborhood pet store. Target is the last place I'd want to be today.

A Duluth Cabin for Brooke's 35th

Meadow has added her commentary. Hers will be in bold.  For those who don't remember, Scottie = Italics & Brooke = plain jane. As tradition we stayed at a cabin for my birthday weekend. This year I found a place on Hipcamp that happened to be in Duluth.

Theo's First Haircut and More Breweries

These kids love cereal.