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A Day In The Life

Scott had to work today so it was just Meadow and I for breakfast. We have been putting Meadow to bed later which makes us stay up later and then everybody sleeps in in the morning. We ate breakfast fast to make it to the farmers market. I accidentally brought a camera without a memory card. Oops. After  Meadow and I biked to the farmers market we went up to North Mississippi Regional Park. I wanted to scope out the area for Meadow's birthday party coming up. I let Meadow play on the playground before we headed home. It's nice to see more things available at the market.  That whole work thing didn't work out. It was too dang cloudy for my blue sky loving client.  I picked up a fishing pole to go with my Wisconsin fishing license. Maybe I'll catch a fish before the end of the summer. While Meadow napped I got to working on her birthday invites. Scott thought I was making tombstones. That would've been quite morbid. I think these are 

A Memorial Weekend Fishing Lesson

We had plans to meet up with my dad, Chelsea and Nolan at the cottage for Memorial weekend. What else would we do on such a holiday?

Run Smelt, Run (Plus a Brief Visit to Windy Fargo)

Blake invited us up to see Duluth's Magic Smelt Parade . We couldn't pass on another visit to our favorite northern city. Although we left 80 degree Minneapolis for 60 degree Duluth. We don't go there for the balmy weather.

Mother's Day Brunch and Grandpa Tuska Visits

We have been doing a really awesome job of skipping the grocery store and making meals from what we already have. When Emma suggested doing a Mother's Day brunch together we had to pick up a few extra things. To the farmer's market!

Minnesota Zoo and Mayday Parade with Mr. Mike and GG

My parents came up for the annual visit. My uncle had come up for Mayday a few years ago and my dad has been wanting to come up for it since.  That being it said it was Mayday weekend and low and behold they showed up! I made some cinnamon rolls for the occasion. Brooke forced me to make some glaze, but I had to use sugar that I ground in the food processor. It turned out a bit gritty. Actually it was my mom who thought it was crazy that we were going to serve them without any glaze. Today was supposed to have nice weather. We thought up ideas on what to do for the day and settled on the Minnesota Zoo. We didn't realize that quite a bit of the zoo was indoors. I guess that makes sense in Minnesota. My dad insisted on renting a stroller for Meadow. She loved climbing in and out of it all day.  "Fish, fish."  Meadow enjoyed the fish. Meadow was having lots of fun seeing all the animals. Kids under two are free so it worked