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Meadow @ 8 Months

Our little Meadow is becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler.  This was a big month for her. She has perfecting crawling, climbs on things, pulls herself up, mastered her pincer grab, sits on her own, waves and has her first teeth. She currently loves chasing after Peanut, climbing on me, singing like Mariah Carey and pulling books off her shelf. Anytime she is awake during mealtime she eats with us. She usually has a banana for breakfast, peas for lunch and a new food everyday for dinner. We do a combination of baby led weaning and pureed food. The only thing she doesn't like so far is kiwi's. She still goes to bed around 9 or 10, gets up once or twice at night and wakes up around 8:30-9. She also takes two long naps during the day.  Her hair is getting really long and the front and I've noticed its getting lighter in color.  She still is super wiggly all the time. I was recently told she is very independent.

Is it spring yet?

I maybe didn't need to plant everything so soon. This carving pumpkin seedling is going to take over the greenhouse. This little seedling is gonna take over the house. She's so mobile. This is how mornings usually go these days. I go in and feed her in the morning, she gets up to play and I lounge on her bed. I always wonder where Brooke is when I turn over. We tried on her lamb coat. It's so close to fitting her. Hopefully she will get to use it before its too warm. Maybe she'll sprout before it's too warm or stay tiny into next year. We had cereal for breakfast. She is obsessed with pulling herself up. Except that she needs to work on her balance because she's always falling over and bumping her head. She's started to like being in here for more than 5 minutes again. This is some of the best news in a while. Lunch time. Meadow has peas. I made the last of the chowder with cream that I've bee

Olive Turns One-Two-Three

We headed over to Tyler and Emma's during the biggest snowstorm of the winter . It was Olive's 3rd birthday. She was too busy watching the Sword and the Stone to socialize.  Meadow too. People always think Brooke and Emma are sisters. I don't blame them. Olive didn't want to sit her turtle chair (probably because she's three now) and we forgot Meadow's high chair so Meadow got to sit in it. Olive was still preoccupied by the movie. We did  bring over bread. Two big kids. At some point I told Olive that TV and dinner go together about as well as oil and water. That must have done the trick. Olive had an O cake. You know because her name starts with "O". Obviously.  Wait. I did not write that. Brooke totally posed as me. She had some trouble blowing out her candles so I helped. Nolan is growing up fast. It's great that his belly is always showing.  I think you meant Jun