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Old Neighbors and Good Friends from the Northside

Whenever we feed Theo and he wants more he throws his arms in the air and yells. My old neighborhood friend Joel was selling his house on the Northside and we thought we'd stop by.  I had no idea his home was this beautiful. He made a lot of upgrades to the house. I loved the kitchen.  The refrigerator was disguised as an ice box. This porch! Joel did an amazing job rehabbing this home. I guess it's already pending a sale. Since we were in our old 'hood we stopped by to see our old neighbors. We missed Wes and Sandy! Sadly we heard stories of how the new owners tore through all the screens and they had children sleeping in the basement. Still, it was great seeing them and catching up. Get well soon Sandy. After a quick jaunt to get a photo I needed for a recent job, we drove to Excelsior to get some frozen custard at Adele's . Over the summer I purchased an ice cream punch card to various ice cream shop

G.G. and Grandpa Make a Fall Visit

My parents were finally able to make it back up for a visit. This time we'd take them on more than a few adventures. Wait, weren't they just here a few months ago. I guess it's all relative. If you mean 6 months ago, yes. After dropping Meadow off at school we walked over to Our Kitchen for breakfast. They only have counter seating so the high chairs are the clip on kind. I had a job in the morning, so missed breakfast and was hungry when I got back. After Scott returned we took my dad for another walk to get some beers. My mom decided to take a nap instead. We walked over to Tap Society. I was hungry and everyone else wanted a drink. There's one employee that helps you check in and then you get a card that allows you to pour beers from the tap wall. They also have reasonably priced burgers. It's nice for when you want to try a beer, but don't want a full glass. We took a long detour, walked by the fancy ho