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Wisconsin Northwoods Workcation

And just like that we were gone again. This time to spend a few days at Three Bears Resort. I always see this place as we drive on 94 towards Milwaukee.  I had to photograph the place and asked for a room with two beds of course. Our room wasn't quite ready, so we played in the arcade. Lucky kiddos got to play while I worked. While Scott was busy working the kids and I spent the day at the indoor waterpark.  We explored the grounds too.  Someone had too much fun last night. 

Chelsea and the Boys Visit Minneapolis

I told Chelsea earlier this year she was the only one who hasn't seen our house yet. She said she would visit this summer. She texted me earlier this week asking when she could come. Looking at our calendar I said, this weekend or the weekend after Labor Day. When they arrived Theo gave her a tour of our house.  I told her we had plans to go blueberry picking and she agreed to go along too. They had never gone before.  Hoo, boy. Was I glad that I got out of blueberry picking this year. I spent the day painting back at home. I don't know why, but I do enjoy berry picking. 

A Twin Cities Mississippi River Summer Weekend

Two summer weekends in Minneapolis? Yeah, it's true. We followed Scott again on one of his jobs, which brought us to Maplewood Mall. I had heard there was a double decker carousel there and had always wanted to check it out.  There is a weight limit on the horses so Scott and I had to sit on the swinging bench.  Brooke and I must've had empty stomaches. We were both so dizzy after getting off the carousel. Or we're getting old. Scott always complains we never do things in our own city. Since we were going to be near St Paul, I had been wanting to take the kids to the Mississippi River National Recreation Area Visitor Center to get a junior ranger badge.  St. Paul is one of Twin Cities, so it's OK to have fun just across the border. It's those suburbs I loathe (though honestly sometimes enjoy). Downtown St. Paul maybe sleepy, but it's very charming.

Scraping Paint and Minneapolis Night Biking

It was a rare weekend where we were actually at home.  Originally we were going to do a cat cafe for Meadow's birthday. Since we had been gone we were going to postpone it. That was when we decided to maybe skip a birthday party this year. The main reason Meadow wanted to have a party was to see her friends. Instead we promised her she could have a friend over every weekend we were home.  So today we invited over Saraphina. Theo had a hard time understanding that sometimes they would play together without him. He's not quite used to having to share his sister. I'm almost finished scrapping the back of the house. I can't tell you why I scrapped the back first. I just started to do it and kept going.

Three Lakes 4th of July 2023

A week later and it was cottage time.  4th of 2023. It may not be New Year's Eve, but it's another highlight each year. This is the one time of the year that our whole family is together.  Scott and I arrived late at the cottage. As it was Meadow's 10th birthday we let her open presents right away. More Lego's from Scott.  Brooke doesn't get them. Once they're built, they're done. Well, someday she can make Frankenstein buildings with them once she's bored with her creations. And lots of new books and dresses from me.  When you leave your child with our parents he may come back with all his hair gone.  What the heck, I was a bit miffed. Theo's rad curls won't be back until Christmas. The 4th always means lots of swimming in the Lake.