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Thanksgiving in the Valley, the Fox Valley

Wednesday I took the day before Thanksgiving off and Scott picked up a job "on the way" to my parents house. OK, so Tomahawk isn't quite a straight shot, but it wasn't too far askew. I so wanted to take a walk through Bradley Park along the Wisconsin River during this snowfall. I'm not sure why, but I just wanted get to Little Chute. Both my parents had to work late. Soon after we arrived my dad stopped home between jobs. We hadn't eaten since breakfast earlier this morning so we decided to go out for dinner. On the way we stopped at my dad's shop. I love Mr. Mike's away signs. He's a busy guy. We had our first out-to-eat dinner of the weekend at Cinder's . Endless french fries and really good burgers? Yum! Meadow was confused that she got ice cream for eating all her food when we didn't. I agree Meadow, I want ice cream for eating all my dinner. Back at the in-laws I put together a super-