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Meadow @ 2 Months

 At 2 months Meadow is 11 pounds and 21.75 inches long. She's starting to get a little chunky. Every week I swear she gets bigger and I discover new things about her. For instance she loves screaming. She currently loves mama's boobs, going outside, lights, looking at her black and white mobile (she even has a favorite pattern), baths and our goofy songs we sing to her.  Baby rock, baby roll, baby crawl. She hates car rides. She's either sleeping or screaming whenever we put her in her seat. I had a feeling this would happen since she constantly moved whenever I was in the car when she was in utero. I should preface this. She hates getting in the car, but enjoys the rest of the ride. So, she's great on long rides. She varies how long she sleeps at night. She gets up anywhere between 1.5 to 5 hours at night depending on where she's sleeping. She's put herself to sleep twice from listening to her sleep giraffe. Her favorite noise is

Hot Day, Dinkytown Down

It was another late morning for us. As always Scott entertains Meadow while I eat breakfast. I already miss the days when mornings were slow and we'd have breakfasts together. I'm usually so hungry from feeding her all night I can't wait to eat. The heat was so bad, I don't think I"d cook either way.

Meadow Jane Goes to the Cottage

We decided to take a few days off and head to the cottage. We made it as far as Lindstrom before babycakes was ready to eat again. I decided that we should get some snacks for the road, but first I had to get some cash. While Brooke fed the little one I went for a walk. Since we left "early" Scott didn't have anything to eat and since we had to stop anyway he picked us up some donuts.  Oh come on! You're complaining about donuts! We also had nothing to eat in the house. I wasn't complaining. We had to make another stop for Meadow halfway there. This time we were hungry for lunch. We've driven on US 8 a hundred times by now, but we've never really run into a decent restaurant. It's seems like all these towns only have Subways.  This time around we made a little effort and found the  Eastern Chinese Restaurant in Ladysmith. It's one of the bigger cities along the route and should have guessed there was somet