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Sleepy Sunday

Scott had left for work hours before I woke up. This past week has been cold-yet-still-above-average and rainy. That's good for the outside now that everything is green, but it's been too cold for my peppers to sprout indoors. I'm glad I started them early though. Before I have breakfast I have a cup of hot water and lemon. I also got started on this weeks bread dough. I have to, of course, have my favorite for breakfast. Steel-cut oats. I had originally thought today would be a perfect day for doing laundry. It was actually sunny out, but when I got outside it was a lot colder than I had anticipated. It wasn't quite freezing so I hung it out anyway. I then take a mandarin break. The dough is ready to be rolled out. I do three pieces a bigger size and three a smaller size. I braid the strands creating two loaves. I place the smaller loaf on top of the bigger one and let it proof at room temperature. For lunch I hav

Barefoot In March

It has been a real treat to have such an early spring. Not only can we be barefoot indoors, but also outdoors. Like always, I made breakfast for the queen of first meals. We had no milk and a couple of cups of buttermilk, so I whipped together some blueberry-buttermilk pancakes.  While Scott made the pancakes I noticed all the green popping out. Here are my tomato seeds that I planted last week. The warm weather has caused them to sprout early.  Walking around our yard I noticed other things growing too. Here is garlic that we planted last fall.  Strawberries.  And tulips! Oh man, could I go for these right about now.  After breakfast I did some laundry. I just love being able to hang out laundry again.  Sprout robot tells you not to start peppers until the end of April. I had talked with a more experienced gardener the day before and she said to start them really early because they take a long time to germinate. I know from las

A Day at Fort Snelling

This past Thursday we decided to spend a day at Fort Snelling State Park. Blake had come down the night before and supposedly somebody he knew said, "It's the coolest place in Minneapolis." Brooke claimed she'd never been here before, but later on admitted that she had. We thought a good way to explore the old fort site was with some geocaching . Brooke's sister Brittany and her husband Jeff introduced us to this GPS led scavenger hunt a few years back. I have ridden my bike past it, but had never seen any of the buildings up close.  The first cache we were looking for was either on the banks of the Mississippi or across the river. The next one was easy to find. Obligotary shot of hipsters resting post-super long hill. They should've got a bike with gears. Gears or no gears, hills still suck.  Once we went down to the valley below Fort Snelling-proper we geoed another cache. Of course Blake found this one too. It turns out that t