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Meadow @ 2 Years

Two years old is so much better than the newborn stage. Every new stage is always so much better than the last.  Meadow weighs 23 pounds and is 31 inches tall. She loves running, climbing, going for bike rides, singing, playing in her sand box and being outside. Her favorite book is Dr Suess' ABC. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite letter is H.  Her favorite foods are pancakes, any fruit, oatmeal, cucumbers, yogurt, milk, noodles, and avocados. She is currently working on her back molars. She still likes to bite things when she's excited. She probably knows over 100 words. Her favorite letter is H and favorite shape is a heart. Whenever she drops something she says, "Where'd it go?" She usually goes to bed around 9 and wakes up around 9-9:30. I love that she's still a late sleeper.

Meadow's 2nd Birthday!

When I sent out invitations for Meadow's birthday party I also sent them to family members even though I didn't think they would come. I was surprised when my sister Chelsea texted me asking if there would be room at our house for them to stay.  My parents even initially said they might come. Chelsea and Brittany got first dibs, so they got to be here for Meadow's rad 2nd birthday. The three cousins got to play again for the first time since Christmas. They arrived Saturday night. The next morning I finished making Meadow's birthday cake. I watched the kids being kids. Having just gone strawberry picking I chose strawberry shortcake for her birthday. We were worried that this would be mush by the time we got to the park. I didn't really think about whipped cream on a hot day. I decided on North Mississippi Regional Park for Meadow's party. The weather said there was a chance of rain, but it kept getting pushed back. Her