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Junethan's 2nd Big Day on NMBAC's 1st Anniversary

I was feeling lazy this morning and asked Scott to make breakfast while I stayed in bed a little bit. I used to think waffles were the best of all pancake variants, but these just don't hit the spot like they used to since big pancakes and kaiserschmarrn .

G.G. and Grandma Visit Minneapolis

Last week my mom called and said she had a few days off from work and wanted to come visit. My dad had to work so she asked my Grandma to come along.  Brooke's mom (and I guess Brooke too) love the Wizard of Oz. The Children's Theater Company was putting on a rendition so we got some tickets. Meadow managed to watch the whole thing. I had no idea they had cheap tickets if you sat in the back row. With Scott's background in high school musicals we will have to go to more shows.


I got emailed early in the week from a video production firm out of Portland, Oregon. They needed a production assistant and fixer for five days. I thought why not? We leave Meadow's door open that connects to our shared bathroom and she comes in as our human alarm clock. It's rare that I'm up before everyone else. Meadow has become quite the bookworm lately which is awesome. I hope she gains a love for libraries like I do. I made Meadow and I Oatmeal and Banana Pancakes for breakfast.  Meanwhile I took Blue Chalk Media's Jamie Francis around the Green Line LRT. I basically had to get him good vantage points, keep him fed and stay out of the way. I haven't been feeling well lately so I thought we could both use some fresh air. I was planning on going to the Quaking Bog, but changed my mind last minute and took Meadow to the Mary Hills Nature Area.  Meadow has been so distracted on hikes lately that it was nice to go w