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Our Nephews First Birthday and a Redgranite Visit

We came back to Wisconsin once again. This time to my parents house. Nolan's b-day party was this weekend.

Camping, Chicagoland and Frank Lloyd Wright

Meadow loves to climb on anything she can get her little legs on. I guess she had an inkling that she'd be stuck in the car for the next few hours.

Summa Summa Summertime

We never got Meadow a walker because we assumed she would have been walking by now. Since that's not the case we borrowed one from Emma. At first she would push it on her knees, now she seems to get the idea of walking with it.  We think she's still a while off from walking on her own.  With a bunch of potatoes and not much else in the pantry, I decided to make Spanish tortilla. I added cauliflower to add some variety to this egg, onion and potato dish.  We talked about trying out the Kingfield Farmers Market, but by the time we woke up and ate breakfast it was already noon. As we were getting our bikes ready to leave a car stopped at the end of our driveway. A guy our age got out and said his mom grew up in our house. He had come to our house for every holiday as a kid. I wished we weren't in a hurry or I would have invited him in. He was also on his way to see his grandma who was the previous owner of our home. I told him to stop by sometime