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Meadow @ 5 Years

Meadow loves to read books, Wonder Woman and all superhero women, creating things out of paper and playing in the water.

We recently went to her second movie theater, movie. Of course it was Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.

 She's starting to get into chapter books and loves the Rainbow Fairy series.

I had read books to her almost every night for the past five years. Now it seems that Brooke and Meadow are getting into chapter books at bed.

She has also gotten braver with swimming, but still won't go down water slides or get her face wet.

I think going to Lake Harriet and wadding pools all summer really helped. I even got her to like fishing a bit.
She's getting better at talking to people.

This is still a work in progress, but it's OK to get to know someone before showing trust.
She still likes staying up late and sleeping in.

That's going to have to change soon. Kindergarten is coming.

Here are Meadow's answers this year. 

How old are you? Five What is your favorite c…

A Drone, Pie, Pride and a Food Truck Fest

We would eventually get some pie at a local institution, but first we had another Minneapolis summer weekend to take full advantage of.
Momma was still tired from a long week at work. Theo was ready to take on the day.
Meadow on the other hand was still fast asleep.
She's always in some weird position when I wake up.
We had a bit of Pride doughtnuts leftover. I grabbed one before heading out to pick up a drone for work. And fun of course.
Theo is finally big enough for his jumper.
Reading books and talking about Legos.
When I got back we had to test out the DJI Mavic Pro. 
I also picked up that vintage bike. I wanted a bike to keep at my parents so I have one there. This one came with a although probably not safe anymore child seat. It was listed for $20 on Facebook marketplace. When I picked it up the husband answered the door and told me just to take it. Score! It does need a tune up and new tires.
Leftover potato salad for lunch? I guess so.

We went to Veteran's Park across the b…

Theo @ 4 Months

Theo weighs 14 pounds and is 25.75" in length. Our little dude is just a long skinny guy. 
He's been more interactive and expressive, but still likes to sleep a lot.
He loves sleeping, being talked to, looking in the mirror, being outside, his faces mobile, rolling over and looking out windows.
He still sleeps with us in his bassinet. Since he will be sharing a room with his sister someday we will keep him with us for awhile. 
He wakes up once a night between 1:30am -6:30am and has just started taking two 2-3 hour naps. 
He falls asleep on his own for naps, but wants to be nursed to sleep at night. 
He still goes to bed between 7:30-9 and gets up around 8:30-9.
He can hold his head up on his own and is starting to learn to sit. 
He's started giggling.
He prefers to be held facing forward.