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Meadow @ 7 Years

Meadow Turns 7

Since there is no birthday party this year we let Meadow open her first present right away. My baby is all grown up. She was so excited to get Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Finally, At the Cottage

We finally made a trip to the cottage. Normally we stop to eat somewhere on the way. Instead we packed food and had a picnic instead. We usually stop in Ladysmith, but decided to try this park in Bruce. We'd always wanted to stop. No better time than during a pandemic, I suppose. After we ate we let the kids play on the playground.

Duluth for Work and Exploring East Lake After the Chaos

Oh, hey. It's our neighborhood. The kids wanted to play with the Potato Heads and made our family with them. There's Theo. Oh yeah I dyed Meadow's hair teal.  No, wait, there's the real Theo. I had a job up in Duluth, so I asked Meadow if she wanted to come up with me. She could spend the day with Blake whose done a good job social distancing. The poor kid has been stuck at home for so long. I stayed back with Theo, I figured these two could have a little trip together. We arrived the night before and met little Ruth, Blake and Daniel's new dog. We played in his yard for a bit and then a double rainbow showed up. It was pretty great in person. We walked through Blake's new neighborhood, Central Hillside. Meadow even got to walk Ruth. She loves walking dogs. We got some food from the King of Creams and brought it to a nearby park. Then we played on the playground. I feel better about

We Pay Our Respects to George Floyd and Survey the City

We've been having talks with Meadow about what's going on lately. It can be hard to explain without her actually seeing it. We've had the news on more, but I thought she should see some things in person.  This Sunday we came to 38th and Chicago to pay our respects to George Floyd. I had wanted to come during a weekday morning as I knew it would be busy on the weekend. Masks and hand sanitizer were required before entering.