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Meadow @ 9 Months

When Meadow was born I had mentioned to a mom with a 9 month old that I couldn't wait until she was older and that the newborn stage is so boring. She said I would regret that. I actually don't at all. I love this stage minus her eating everything off the floor. She sleeps better and is so much fun. She mostly eats three time a day. She seems to prefer real food over breast milk except when she's sleepy. I'm not sure she's my daughter as she doesn't seem to like oatmeal or plain yogurt. She currently loves eating anything and everything off the floor, her blue bear, pulling books off the shelf, saying da da da, trying to grab Peanut's tail, playing on her own. She has two more teeth coming in on top, her upper left and right lateral. Not the middle ones strangely. She still goes to be around 9 and gets up around 9 waking up usually only once at night.  She still does pretty goo

Another Lazy Sunday With Cevonne and Jose

Since I have to rotate my seedlings everyday Scott said I should just move the greenhouse so the bottom shelf gets sun. Now its not in direct sunlight so we will see how this works. I thought the whole shelf would get more light this way, but we will see. Meadow and I like hanging out in bed. I sit there while she tires herself out. I had to put the little one down for a nap. It's kind of my thing. It's nice that he can start helping out now. She's had enough times being nursed to sleep. The other day Scott made my belated birthday cake. This year I asked for a cookie cake. I found one on Pinterest that was a peanut butter chocolate chip cooke cake with chocolate frosting, chopped peanut butter cups and drizzled chocolate fudge. Yea it tastes as good as it sounds. I skipped breakfast and went straight for Hungarian-style stuffed cabbage. I might be biased towards the sauerkraut-less Polish version. Meadow likes helping me with

Meadow and Her Fox Valley Friends

Meadow woke up around 7 and didn't fall back to sleep like she usually does. We have a no getting up before 8 rule. My dad heard her and came down to take her for us while we slept in. She was fine hanging out with her Grandpa all morning. I was fine with getting some good sleep in. Thanks Mr. Mike. For breakfast, french toast. I think I've been eating that blueberry syrup for five years. After breakfast we headed over to Jeff and Amanda's and got to finally meet Alayna. My mom wanted to come too, but has a cold. She sent with us a little doll for Alayna. Meadow was thrilled to see another baby friend. I can't wait until she's a little older so they can play together. Jeff showed us his other new baby, a man cave to end all man caves. We took it for a quick spin. Meadow was worn out and took a little nap on me.  Alayna took a little nap too. I can't believe how long her naps are. Meadow hated sleeping at her