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Smartphone Thanksgiving

After getting to St. Paul I realized that I forgot my camera. I would've just skipped this post and enjoyed Thanksgiving, but Brooke insists on having a blog for every week. Even if she never shares any of the posts.
Ha. It's all about the memories, not the followers. 
That's what a journal is for...
Meadow's favorite thing is to play in the toy room with my moms old Barbies.
Didn't take long for Theo to find the kitchen.
Brittany was hosting Thanksgiving again and we decided on a late dinner. This is great for us because it gives us time to prep. Chelsea wasn't planning on coming this year, then changed her mind last minute. This meant running to the store to get ingredients to make another dessert.
Gail asked me to find the Worcestershire sauce for the Chex Mix. I found four and I'm not sure this was every bottle they had.
This chair is so comfy and I spend quite a bit of time here during our visits.
Can you even see Scott, he blends right in. 
Meadow also lo…