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Smartphone Thanksgiving

After getting to St. Paul I realized that I forgot my camera. I would've just skipped this post and enjoyed Thanksgiving, but Brooke insists on having a blog for every week. Even if she never shares any of the posts. Ha. It's all about the memories, not the followers.  That's what a journal is for...

Duluth for Christmas Parade of the North & More

One of my coworkers always comes up to Duluth for their Christmas parade and Bentleyville opening. I said we should check it out this year.  We arrived in Duluth a little earlier than expected so we stopped for dinner at Duluth Grill.

A Late Fall Bike Ride

We needed to go grocery shopping, but luckily we had some pancake mix leftover from our camping days. We used our Nordic Ware pancake pans that feature funny shapes. You might be able to spot an emoji or three.

Super Sick Weekend

 When you go to the Children's Museum someone is bound to get sick. I always warn her. In this case it was all of us. We got back to back stomach bugs and colds.  Meadow and I did manage to make it out once to go to our favorite fabric store.  I'm taking on a sewing challenge of making a backpack .  After finding the exterior fabric, I had too many choices for the interior.  Meadow wanted this one. Should've went with the fries. I almost went with a flannel, but figured it would make the backpack sweaty on our backs in summer. You'll have to see when I finish what I chose. 

Farmer's Market and Light Rail Fall Fun

We had to make it to the farmers market for one last trip this year. It's sad no one really goes anymore, but at least there's easy parking. The last visit is often one of the best. Good prices and the crowds are nonexistent. The kids each picked a little pumpkin. Meadow need a circle. Theo was the perfect paper weight. Theo has been obsessed with jack o lanterns. Every time he sees one he wants to go by it and look at it. It's starting to get to me, but it's so cute. This is the first weekend in a long time where we aren't going anywhere, we don't have any guests and no plans. We asked Meadow what she wanted to to do this weekend and she said take the light rail.  So a ride on the light rail we did. Theo looks like he likes the ride, but he wouldn't sit still. He kept wanting to walk around. It's a long ride. Can't blame him. Since we were going on the light rail we decided to g