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French Toast and Friend's Kid's Birthday

These two are always found on a screen right when they wake up. For the first time in forever I actually made breakfast. Day old challah french toast. Yum. The syrup we recently picked up at Wagner Tomahawk Shell  on the way to the cottage turned out to be excellent. Thick and robust, not that amber junk. This convenience store is one of the best in the Northwoods. My dream guest room is finally complete. The rug we got from Wayfair was extremely low pile, but it looks good.

Attic Finished...Antique Furnishing, Commence

We were starting to get used to our new space in the attic. Some of us had claimed our spots. Again, random stuff the old owners left behind, turned out to be pretty useful.   We finally have a spot to house all of Meadow's books. Another piece of random furniture the previous owners left that ain't so bad I guess.

Biking to Eat Street Crossing and Funlandia, Commence

  We had unusual summer temps in early spring this week. I thought we'd have snow piles until mid May but everything melted this week.  I guess it was time to take a look at the gardens.   Meadow set up her fairy garden.  Oh hey they did actually come back and take our old boiler. No more lawn ornament.   

Duluth Easter 2023

  We arrived in Duluth right before Blake was done at work. We made a quick stop at Glensheen. I told Theo Blake lived here now. Later he said, "I knew you were lying because there was a parking lot with cars." Each room had hidden Easter eggs for the kids to find.  It was Easter weekend after all.   Dream bathroom. That's a lot of tile. I can just imagine that sink full of hair straighteners.       Dream breakfast room. Breakfast room? Who has a breakfast room?

An April Fools Snowstorm at the Northwoods Cottage

  During the week, Scott finished up the floors. I just need to restain the railing, install new baseboards and it will be finished up here. iPhone photos don't do it justice. We'll have to wait on the baseboards. Brooke's dad says he's going to make them for us. The railing might need to be replaced. It's pretty small. We did our annual trip to the cottage for Spring Break. My dad has been up quite a bit since we were here last working on the upstairs. He wanted to show me the doors he put in.   I took a last minute half day at work to drive up here. Boy I'm glad I did, it started snowing heavily about a half hour after we arrived. We then awoke to this.