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Kite Fest 2020

The kids like getting up early these days. And by early I mean 8:00. Theo has also decided he's suddenly too big for his high chair. Isn't that late for you? For me that's way too early.

2 Days of Snow Much Fun

We were home again this weekend. After a snowstorm over night we decided to play outside. I got the fun task of moving the car. There was a layer of frozen snow on top of the ice and the windows were iced over. I love this Beetle and it looks even better in the snow. We thought we'd go sledding, but the kids just wanted to play with sand toys in the snow. Theo loves eating snow and Meadow loves picking on her little brother. We took a quick walk around the block, but the wind was brutal. I guess this was as far as we were going to get. As always we promise hot chocolate when coming inside. It's the only way to get her inside sometimes. The next day we decided to go ice skating. I wanted to try the free skates instead of using my own. I had a hard time finding skates in my size. We are trying to get Theo on single blades right away. He doesn't agree with this idea. His wooden sled slid right across th

Pizza and Picasso Tiles

For Christmas Scott received Picasso tiles and they've been a hit with our family. I played with these quite a bit at Brooke's sisters house. Funny thing is that these kids have been mostly playing with them. That's OK with me. Since we got back from winter break the kids have been playing with their toys a lot more. Meadow's way more creative than me. I spent the majority of the day working on my backpack. It's turning out to be easier than I thought.  And another masterpiece. She has us send pics to Blake each time she builds something. Sorry little brother, you can't touch it. It is OK for you to go in the cardboard car, buddy. We were having Aaron and the kids over, but he had been held up a bit. So, we turned on the game and Meadow took a picture. We were supposed to have our annual Indian Turkey dinner, but the turkey hadn't defrosted in time. Instead we had Scott's famous homemade pizza. We'

And Another Northwoods NYE | 2019

Rain and snow were  coming our way so we left Michigan right after waking and drove straight to the cottage. About a half hour from Three Lakes it started raining. When we turned into the road towards the cottage it got icy. We made it just in time.

2019 Year in Review

2019 was a good year of travels. Isn't every year. January Our annual Indian turkey Friendsgiving. We had Cayla and Amanda over once again. February Theo's 1st Birthday at the cottage. Cottage birthdays are my favorite birthdays. March Staying at a tiny house on Lake Pepin for my 34th birthday April My parents came to visit for the Minneapolis St Paul Home Tour May Biking everywhere with our new cargo bike This turned out to be one of the best things we've ever bought ourselves. June Scott and the kids took a trip to Michigan and Chicago. The kids had their moments, but it was a grand adventure to go pick up an old family car. July We took our first trip to Canada. It all started on a work trip to Roseau and then we enjoyed time in Winnipeg and around Lake of the Woods. August We did our first camping trip in the Boundary Waters. We'd been up here the year prior, but this was the real deal.