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Scott's 30th Birthday...Or a Bunch of Sick Cousins at the Cottage

Once again, I decided that we'd go to the cottage for my birthday. A few more days and I'd be turning 30. We arrived the night before everyone else. This time we waited to turn on the kitchen sink. We also picked up some groceries on our way so we would have breakfast in the morning. Waffles is kind of our go-to first-morning-at-the-cottage breakfast. Meadow brought her monkey and mini-Ergo with her down to the lake. You could still see where our ice rink was, but a lot of snow had blown over. After some shoveling we had created a small hill for Meadow to climb. Meadow didn't want to wait to go ice skating. She quickly moved on to other things. That's my little runt. It was much harder to shovel this time. The new snow had frozen to the ice. We left the lake in hopes of my dad being able to shovel off the snow with his Bobcat later. "You stay here, I go this way." We went in for a