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Farmer's Markets, Home Tours and Dirt

 We slept in again today. It's becoming a bad habit of mine lately. I was really hungry when I woke up so I had an apple and a few strawberries. Grandpa Lungwitz got a big writeup in the Redgranite paper and he sent us the story in the mail. After deciding we had to make it to the farmer's market and breakfast could wait, we checked out the demolished Broadway Liquor Outlet along the way. It got heavily damaged by the tornado and sat rotting away for nearly a year.  Here's what it looked like right after the storm. It really was one of my favorite buildings on the northside. It made Penn and Broadway.  The owner is going to be erecting a large multi-use building across the street. So, we'll get back the best liquor store on the Northside. I haven't heard anything about what will go in that hole. Brooke and I meandered through Near North to the farmers market. I was pretty excited that this weekend was the opening.  There wasn't much

Earth Day

My pops came up for the weekend so I could fix his computer. Being a geek can have it's pluses, but I'd rather have my parents come up to the cities for fun, rather than fixing their PC. Brooke realized that our art table could fit the puzzle, so we went ahead and measured it.  I can't believe I didn't think of this months ago. Our graffitied table was just big enough. We brought it down as my dad watched us move the puzzle very, very carefully. Peanut couldn't get the last bits of his food so Brooke helped him by holding the tin can. My dad took us out to the Lowry Cafe for breakfast. Scott had the ranchero skillet.  I got the Cleavland. A classic breakfast staple.  When we got up that morning I asked Scott if he could go the day without using his cell phone, computer, or TV. Coincidentaly it is Earth Day. He said he could do it. Minus the fact that his dad was here to fix their computer. After breakfast Scott g