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A Fiala Family Weekend

Friday Tyler and Emma are currently selling their house. With two open houses this weekend they decided to stay out of the way. When plans to go out of town fell through they decided on a stay-cation at our house. Tyler promised he'd order some food when they came over. Of course, if you know Tyler at all, he ordered in some Indian food.

A January Friendsgiving

Scott had been working nights all week while I picked up extra hours/days. Today he finally got a chance to sleep in. I had to shoot five gyms in the immediate area plus two further afield at 10 pm every night this week. Some nights I wasn't home until four or five in the morning. I was pooped. Meadow and I had poached eggs on avocado toast for breakfast. While Scott still slept I finished up the guest room repaint. Thanks, bear. I had painted it during the week. I got the two coats done while Brooke touched up my work. So long Blueberry Popover walls. Meadow then needed a bang trim. We were going to have a January Friendsgiving, but first Meadow wanted to make a tent behind one our chairs. I guess we didn't need to build a tent after all. The Tandoori Turkey  (we skipped the turkey bag and covered it with Silpats for the last two hours) had already been cooking for hours when we started all the sides. Curried-cumin potatoes. Wi

Snowshoe Sunday: Baker Park Reserve Edition

I was apparently really tired and slept way later than Scott. I made us crepes with what we had. Apparently I failed to take any pictures of the actual crepes. Since we hadn't all winter, today seemed like a good day to do some snowshoeing. I chose Baker Creek Reserve as it had the most trails. Funny thing was that Brooke thought it was in Bloomington. It was in Medina on the other side of Hennepin County. I looked at a few parks and they blended together in my mind. We put Meadow's snowshoes on right away, but she quickly changed her mind and refused to walk with them. So we carried her. We have really put this Ergo to good use. We wondered what this grain storage shed was doing in the middle of the park. I apparently got used to the sub zero temps. 20 degrees and the sun was making me sweat. We followed some other snowshoe tracks and occasionally took a detour. Eventually Meadow's weight was slowing me down.

Build a Bear and Wildcard Sunday

Morning breakfast with my new tea mug. Your coworkers are so nice. Meadow didn't want what we were having for breakfast. Only plain yogurt and granola for this girl. She also got that little red enamel cup over New Years Eve, along with the rest of her cousins. It's her favorite cup at the moment and I don't blame her. I made zucchini and bacon nests with eggs. Meadow missed out. This was really good. Cool mug, Brooke. I know. Meadow received a gift card to Build A Bear from an awesome co-worker of mine. We thought today seemed like a good day to go use it at the Mall of America. She remembered that the last time we were here was for Alexander's birthday party at the Sea Life Aquarium. She made a beeline straight to the fish by their information desk. Then Meadow took her good old time choosing a Build a Bear. She couldn't decide. Meadow finally decided on a pink bear and fairy outfit of course. She was

2016 A Year In Review

It seems like 2016 wasn't as much fun as 2015, but we still had fun and adventures. Hmm...I'd say they were close. January - Spent Scott's 30th Birthday at the Cottage Then we all got sick from our nieces and nephews. February - This month was really hard to pick, but I went with when we renovated our bathroom. Our best house project yet. It's looking pretty great. Thanks Mr. Mike for the help at the finish. And I can't forget about Joel Baird's help with the bead board. It was a team effort, but looks great. March - Easter in Duluth at Blake's house It was no New Orleans Easter, but Duluth is always magical.  I think it might become a new family tradition. April - We bought ourselves a canoe Now we just have to use it more often. May - The Smelt Parade in Duluth of course That's always a highlight.  June - Camping with friends in Redwood Falls Meadow adores Roman and we made such great friends wi