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Apple Picking, American Swedish Institute, Pie Baking and Another Farmers Market Visit

 Usually we go apple picking right after Labor Day to get the best apples. This year we were too busy I guess. To avoid the weekend crowds I looked for an orchard that was open on evenings. This brought us back to Fall Harvest Orchard

Apparently we have been here before, but I have no recollection. So it was new for Theo and felt new for me.

The orchard had peacocks roaming around. 

Even though we were late to pick there still was good apples left.

Maybe we were always too early before? Huh, huh...

We tend to stay away from the fall fest type orchards. This place had a mix of free things to do and ticketed items. 

Apparently I'm the only one who's ever played tether ball.

Scott would love one of these for the backyard. 

One of the great school yard games of all time.

We did all the free things. 

We walked around eating caramel apples.

And feeding animals. I think this against basic farm hygiene or something. Don't tell Brooke's mom.
They even have free bags of food for the animals. 

Theo was more into his caramel apple. 

Meadow still loves the corn pit. For $3 you could go in a bigger pit. The kids were perfectly fine in the free one. 

One more game before heading out.

I had to feed the cow because Meadow was too scared they'd chop her digits off.

We found an authentic taco joint in nearby Montrose, Minnesota.

We love the hole in the wall taquerias. 

We both ate way too much. The tacos were a bit spicy for the kids. 

Apple pancakes for breakfast the next day of course.

Screens have taken over in this household. Sometimes it's a chore just to get the kids to leave the house. After lots of huffing and puffing we finally left the house. 

We continue to love the protected Blaisdell bikeway.

Straight from our favorite bike lanes to the OG, the Midtown Greenway.

We had a family pass to the American Swedish Institute that we've had since summer. 

One of our downstairs neighbor renters works at ASI and was nice enough give us a pass.

I need these light fixtures. 

I think my favorite time to come here is during Christmas. 

A few more months, Brookyln.

They had a cool photography exhibit that made it into a few of the rooms.

I need this fixture too. 

Brooke loves these. Didn't we just cap our active gas light fixtures up stairs?

The photography exhibit featured a town in Sweden whose residents go for a daily swim. You could recreate the photos yourself. 

First the kids got all dressed up.

We had to join in too. I wish I lived somewhere where I could go on a daily swim. 

They even do this in winter? Crazy Swedes.

The kids noticed a play area in the basement. We promised they could go after we looked through the whole museum. They loved it here. They even reorganized and cleaned the whole room. You know you guys could do that at home with your own toys?

I thought you two didn't want to leave home?

We could have stayed all day. I guess the museum is free on Thursday evenings. We may have to come back just so the kids can play. 

We were going to get tacos on Lake Street, but the kids picked the hibachi buffet at Lake and Nicollet instead.

To use up some of our recently picked apples Meadow wanted to make apple pie. 

With a little of papa's help, she did a pretty good job.

Our apple corer makes this so easy.

All the hardware was removed in the hallway to paint. I worked on polishing up said hardware. 

One more project almost done.

We went with a dutch apple pie.

Nice job Meadow! 

Before heading to the farmers market. I picked our popcorn corn so we can let it dry. 

We biked over to the market today.

Apparently that's how many folks got to the Kingfield Farmers Market.

The last few weeks of bountiful market days.

During the Packer game Meadow and I went to Joann's to get supplies to make the viral tomato cage ghost. I gave Meadow the dress I was originally going to wear to the Ren Fest. It fits and looks way better on her anyway. 

I ended the weekend doing some test baking for work. Not that this family is complaining.


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