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Neighbors Give Us Their Playground and We Eat Out Like COVID is Gone

  Meadow and Brooke have been making cookies every week from the book she got for Christmas.    This week we attempted to make French Macarons. Even though it was a total fail it's been something I've always wanted to try. I even bought a digital scale to make these. Now that I know the process I want to try again.     They were delicious. But what do I know. Our neighbors were giving us their playset as their kids outgrew it. We just had to figure out how to get over the fence. Original thought was wheeling it over on a dolly, but all of our gates were too narrow.   The kids were waiting oh so patiently.

Duluth Easter is Back

We made it back to Duluth for Easter for the first time since COVID. It seems like the "first time since COVID" sure happens a lot this year.   Last year Meadow asked why the Easter bunny doesn't hide eggs at our house when he does at Blake's. So we had to go this year.   For my birthday, Chelsea got me the Throw Throw Avocado game knowing my love of avocados.   Anti-board games Scott opted out as usual.   I was chatting with Daniel! Meadow and Theo are never bored at Blake's. Whether it's misfit toys or "adult" coloring books.   You know we had to go back to Black Bear for brunch buffet. This time you could serve yourself but you had to wear gloves. Folks. COVID is airborne. Stop with the theater. We decided to go hiking after our stop at Black Bear Casino.   On our way to Jay Cooke we stopped at the Thomson Dam. I had wanted to check it out after driving by last year.  Winter was still hanging on around the dam.  

I Go to Oregon and They Go to Cottage

  I had to get back from Little Chute just to fly out to Oregon for another shoot out there. This was after also doing an overnight shoot in Worthington, MN.     Meanwhile, we had left Meadow in Little Chute during the week. Theo and I headed to the cottage to pick her up.  Still winter up here.  Theo looks so cute in the Stormy Kromer hat.  There's still ice on the lake with a few open spots of water.   

Little Chute Spring Break Quick Trip

   We were invited to Marina's birthday party this year. Since we haven't been to one of her parties in a long time we thought we would go this year. Originally Marina wanted a waterpark birthday. After finally deciding on a weekend we were the only ones that could go. She had her official party the previous  weekend and was going to spend this weekend with us.  Water park, water park! After passing this place for many years we finally made the stop at Fannie's Supper Club in Neilsville.     Love when the Supper Club decor is on point and the food is great. I say this a lot, but a top 10 Wisconsin Fish Fry. This place was your prototypical Midwest supper club.    I want to stay at the neighboring motel which is equally Wisconsin mid-century sophisticated.