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Christmas in Little Chute, It's Here Again

    This year we were heading back to Little Chute for Christmas. We figured the kids could open all the presents from us before we left for the holidays.   Meadow got Theo Magnatile Cubes.    Theo got Meadow another Lego Harry Potter "Book."   Both kids did chores the last couple months to earn money to buy each other gifts.   Theo had a surprise for me too.   

Christmas Cookie Time!

It was the week before Christmas and the kids were probably being loud.     My breakfast was interrupted for a photo shoot. 

Bring on the Snow!

We were excited to decorate our Mario gingerbread house but had to let it sit over night after gluing the castle together.  Meadow has been asking for chocolate rye pancakes for awhile now. So today was the day.  Almost 2 months into moving and two weeks into December we finally got a snowstorm and I got to try out my new electric snowblower.   When I saw how long our walkway was from the garage to the house I was like, maybe we should invest in a snowblower.  The kids had so much fun making a gingerbread house over Thanksgiving that we had to get one for ourselves too. Of course we went with a Mario themed house.  By the time I got back inside Peach's gingerbread second home was nearly complete.       I took some time off of working on the house to play outside with the kids. All of our backyard needs a few more trees planted.   We have a few, but I wish we had more.   We played some football... And attempted to make a snow castle, but it wasn't good packing snow.   Mead

Christmas Time Is Here: The Hunt for a Christmas Tree in the Neighborhood

When you spot reindeer indoors you know Christmas time has arrived. When tools go missing,  I always know where to check. Theo and Meadow were busy writing letters to Santa.