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Halloween 2019: Eleanor's Birthday and Blake is Back

Back in May when we went on the Open House Minneapolis tour we visited Orchestra Hall. They had a drawing for tickets to see Harry Potter in concert. I put my name in and won. Meadow and I finally got to go.

Closing the Cottage 2019

You could say we go to two places too much: the cottage and Culver's. Turns out the kids had enough kids meals to get a prize, a kickball, this time.
Meadow was off school so I took a day off so we could enjoy going to the cottage one last time before New Year's. 
Theo loved kicking and passing it around.

My mom told us to eat up all the food at the cottage since they would be closing up soon. Except the first few things I ate were expired!

The pizza was so bad.

Before Brooke's rents were here we had a day by ourselves. I got in some fishing without any luck.
Meadow and I gathered leaves to make a rainbow.

I also worked on making Meadow's crown for Halloween.
Meadow wanted to glue her leaves on paper to save them.
Those are real leaves folks.
We had homemade gorditas for dinner.
The next morning we were back out exploring the woods and lakeshore.