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Dec 28 2007

We got up late and decided to go to Manhattan. We do a lot of walking around Dan is practicing for New Years. Dan took us out for lunch with his gift card for some Chicago style pizza. We ate like kings. We walked through Central Park. There were some great photo opps. I'm not sure what this place was for but it was pretty. There's an ice skating rink in the middle that we're going to check out before we leave. Some people here dress pretty crazy. We were going to go to the art museum but the line was a mile long so we walked around instead. Christmas time is pretty. Saks 5th Avenue is pretty outside and inside I got new shoes at a vintage store yesterday The biggest Catholic church in the US Grand Central Station had a light show while we were there We saw some interesting magazines at the news stand. Mmmm street vendor pretzels There was another ice skating rink in Bryant park We found Time square. It wasn't hard to miss. We stopped in the Marriot for a drink. I had t

Dec 8 2007

I slept in today and I still got up before Scott. I couldn't sit down to eat breakfast because the kitty was too busy going crazy. Scott suprisingly gets up not too much later. Scott has to go to school on a Saturday. Now he knows how I feel. I go over to Cevonne's new place. She hasn't finished unpacking yet. She gets bored with that so she reads me a story. She doesn't know where Olive Garden is so I show her. After seeing how far away Olive Garden is she decides to apply at Buca which is much closer to where she lives. It is so cold in her apartment so we make tea. We try to fix the heater ourselves. Only 2 hours later does it decide to start working again. Scott is finally done with school so we go pick him up. We make dinner quickly before all the punks come over. Cevonne wants to see what our house is like when there is a show going on so we wait until everyone arrives. It's getting late. I call Ben who's in town to see what's up. We go over to see Ben