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A Little Chute Christmas

Since we spent Thanksgiving with Scott's family we decided to spend Christmas with mine. We arrived late the night before Christmas Eve. Meadow enjoyed cereal and Sesame Street for breakfast the next morning. I had bought everything we needed in Minneapolis and just packed all of it along in a cooler. I was planning to make stamped cookies for Christmas. I got started first thing, Meadow helped. I think Meadow was happy to help mom. My parents had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things. They returned with doughnuts. This is definitely Brooke's family's breakfast. Meadow decided to eat hers on the floor so my dad joined her, also my mom's legs. Meanwhile, I started stamping my cookies . I decided to make some pierogies with potatoes, cheese and sauerkraut . This is typically something we have with my family, but I thought I'd let Brooke's family have some. My sisters aren't fans of sauerkraut.