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Meadow @ 10 Years


A Madison and Milwaukee Workcation (Wait How Many of These Are We Going to Do?)

After being away from home for eight days we came home for one night and left again the next day. This time Scott had a job in Madison.  Before my job at a hotel on the outskirts of Madison, I thought we could have breakfast as a family. We found this breakfast spot near our hotel called the Jet Room . You get to watch the airplanes take off and land. The kids got little airplanes too.  We only saw private planes, but it still was fun.  Somehow there's no pictures of the food, but the breakfast was quite good. While Scott worked, the kids and I went to the Madison Children's Museum. I had been wanting to take them to a children's museum for so long so it was fun to try out this one. I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole exhibit dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright.  A side note. Many of the great architects of modernist movements started by playing with f roebel blocks . They were the heart of early kindergarten education. I loved all the details of course.  Then Meadow foun