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A Grandma Lungwitz 88th Birthday-Memorial Day Weekend at the Cottage

Friday  Scott had to work in Stillwater the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Instead of having him drive all the way back to pick me up from work and then go back toward Wisconsin, I took the day off and tagged along. 

Blake Goes to Mayowood (and MOA)

I finally talked Blake into coming down to visit us. Really he just wanted to take advantage of my Minnesota Historical Society Membership. Only most sites don't open until after Memorial Day. Along our trip to Appalachian country we picked up a cast iron stock pot for Blake for his birthday. For breakfast I made ricotta pear toast. Before we could head to Rochester we needed to get to a seedling sale in the neighborhood. I gave Blake a few options on where we could go this weekend. While the Mayowood Mansion wasn't part of my membership it won out on places we wanted to go. When we got here, we were confused as to where we should go. Was the mansion closed? We almost went into a private residence. It wasn't very clear where to go. Perhaps we should just go where the row of luxury automobiles are. On our tour I embarrassed Brooke and Blake by asking questions and pointing out that some chandeliers were totally out place. Maybe I s

Fox Cities Birthday Bash Weekend

Every year we get invited to Pippa's birthday party. This year we decided, why not? My parents had already made plans to go up to the cottage, so we had the house to ourselves. My dad had left Meadow a gift. Breakfast at grandma's includes cereal and cartoons. We thought we would bring along our bikes to bike to the party. Everything is so close together here, why did I wait to start biking when I was 20? We made a pitstop at Walgreen's to pick up a birthday card since Pippa's gift was going to be sent in the mail. Whoever thought a windmill should be built across from a Walgreens was smoking something strange. When I came out of the store I heard, "I didn't know you guys were going to be here!" As it turns out Sarah came back the same weekend. Had we known we could have carpooled. Now, somewhere near the Fox River, that would make sense for a place to put a windmill. Meadow insisted on wearing her superhero shi