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Meadow Opens Her Gifts

Brooke finished up work on the tent and then brought it up. Meadow looked unsure at first, but now is in love with playing in it. I didn't think she would be interested in it quite yet, but I'm happy she's enjoying it. We also got her this doll while at the No-Coast Craftarama. We bought one for Marina, but Meadow loved it so much she picked out this one too. We decided to name her Velo. French for bicycle. I don't think she'll be using those for a few years, but we'll give them a try. They were the only ones I could find that would fit her tiny feet. And the price wasn't bad either. The thrift store abacus will be put to get use right away.

1000 Islands And A Drive Home

What are the chances we have French toast two times in one week? If we had bread in our house more often it would be a regular occurrence. After breakfast Meadow was up to no good. I was in the kitchen when I hear Meadow run in giggling. Then I see she has bows on her feet. The weather was unusually warm and we were in no rush to get home. I suggested going for a walk at 1000 Islands . The one in Kauakana, not in Canada. It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new winter hiking shoes from Costco. It felt more like Easter than Christmas. I'm not sure if there are actually 1000 islands, but there were quite a few. After checking the trail map we decided to keep going a few extra miles. Stay on the trail Meadow. When in the Fox Valley you know a paper mill isn't far out of sight. We had plans to check out the historical marker which only revealed that there was a road that the traders used to trade with the

On Christmas We Celebrated with Brooke's Family

We woke up before the sun got up to get to Wisconsin. I forgot again about the time change so really we could have slept in another hour. On this whole trip we listened to the popular podcast "Serial". It really helped the long drives more bearable. I can't wait for Season 2.  We decided to avoid tolls on the way to Appleton. I'd rather see downtown Chicago than some banal suburbs. We were getting hungry right around the Wisconsin border. I saw a sign for O&H Bakery . That can mean only one thing: kringle. The gas station on one side of the road was closed. We went across the road to the Petro Travel Stop. That one was not only open, but had a mini O&H inside. We got Wisconsin Kringle with cranberries, cherries and cream cheese. It made up for the Christmas morning cinnamon rolls my brother always makes. When we arrived at my parents I changed Meadow into her new dress. I started knitting this dress back in September and finis

On The Twenty-Fourth Day Of Advent We Celebrated Christmas Eve with Scott's Family

Even though Meadow had already had breakfast she wanted in on our French toast for second breakfast. What a little hobbit. She is a short stack after all. I didn't even bring any of Meadow's toys along because I knew she wouldn't play with them. Most of the day we prepped Christmas Eve dinner. First task was whipping together some rolls. The girls got dressed up for Christmas. Even baby Cameron was festive. Newborns always scared me. I thought that would have changed after having Meadow, but seeing one again, nope.  I felt so certain holding Meadow, but I have to agree with Brooke. Now I know why my dad seemed hesitant to hold Meadow when she was a month old. Grandma Tuska had a blast snapping pics of her  grandbabies. Simone found a new seat. I love this little gal. Ham, roasted brussels, homemade rolls and sweet potatoes. Oh and spinach and roasted beet salad. Meadow's eating habits go in