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Halloween: Parade, A Party and Plenty of Candy

We finally got around to carving pumpkins. It would've been more fun with G.G. and Grandpa, but it would do. We had a few days to spare before Halloween, anyhow.
I love the light shadows from our leaded glass windows. 

Brooke and Meadow teamed up while Theo and I tried our best.

The kids added their pumpkins to our stoop. Thanks previous owners for leaving the giant pumpkins for us.

I guess those random things they left behind weren't too bad.

Somehow we managed to carve pumpkins and make veggie sushi. Still confused how this is our kiddos favorite meal, but we'll take it.

We took Meadow to the Anoka Halloween Parade when she was little and she had a blast. I thought the kids would want to go this year. Meadow was against this idea and stayed home instead. We left later than planned so didn't get a great spot. We had to hold Theo up to see the crowds and he wasn't close enough to get any candy.

We found Waldo. 
We couldn't find a great spot, but my shoulders helped Theo see the whole parade.

Oh, that's good. BB-8! 

We kept finding things we knew Meadow would like. 

Elsa and Maribel.
After awhile we got bored and ditched the parade. It's more fun when you're closer. 

Later we were ready for Eleanor's Star Wars Birthday Party. 

What a nice night for an outdoor movie. Shannyn always outdoes herself for these parties. 

Meadow didn't know any other kids (besides Eleanor and Allister) but that didn't stop her from having fun. 

Theo came dressed like the pinata. 

Yes, he did wear two different costumes today.

Watching the kids hit the piƱata is always entertaining. And a bit nerve-wracking for a worry wort like me. 

It only took a hundred or so turns.

 I walked a few doors down to check out the neighbors decorations. I wasn't expecting the names of real folks who died this year on the tombstones.

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie snacks.
I may have bought this just for the free toy inside. I was just telling Meadow recently how we used to always get toys in our cereal when I was a kid. 

The weather was still really great so we took a bike ride to the Franklin Library. 

I had way too much fun building a really goofy Duplo tower with Theo. That's what you go to the library for, right?
I'm just happy to see the toys are back after being taken away during Covid.

Then we headed towards downtown. 

I wanted to check out the new playground at the Waterworks park along the Mississippi.

We had never taken the kids to the Guthrie. They thought it was cool.

This giant escalator had my nervous dad alarm going off the charts.
And then it was finally Halloween. The first stop: our downstairs neighbors. They had goodie bags for the kids. But these shy kids just stared. 

They can be so awkward. Thanks Izzy and Nina.
We did stop by again after trick or treating and Theo at least said thank you and ran away. 
We all dressed up this year. Scott was Pickachu, I reused my fairy outfit from Ren Fest, Meadow was a cat, of course, and Theo changed his mind from being a chicken to a storm trooper. It's a good thing we have so many costumes, we didn't have to buy any this year.
We tried a little harder with our Halloween decorations this year. Can you spot our tomato cage ghost? Next year we'll add another one. 

And a fresh paint job. I cannot wait to see this house all gussied up. Our renters went all out. Check out the cool neon Halloween lights in the their bay window.

Meadow and I came up with this silhouette kitty idea for our lamp post.

These guys around the corner always go all out. 

Since Scott missed out on trick or treating last year, we took him on the same route. 

People are so creative. 

Minneapolis folks go all out. Some blocks are downright spooky.

After one block Theo said he had enough and was ready to go home. We told him we were just getting started. 

The enchanted alley was giving out adult drinks and hotdogs. 

Theo: "Oh, I know why they call it the enchanted alley. It's enchanted and it's in an alley."

True, little bud. Very, true.

We had to make our way to the pumpkin house. 

This whole block shutdown the street to traffic. I told you Minneapolitans go all out.

On the way back we hit up a few more places, but already had way too much candy.


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