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Theo Meet Cottage. Easter Bunny Meet Theo.

Theo's first trip to the cottage. We have been waiting for this since his birth (and getting past the early newborn phase) so we could go again. We are also starting to realize that having two kids means less room in the car.
We did have a few extra things to bring up to the cottage. Hopefully next time we go we want be packed in so tightly.

We stopped in Ladysmith for lunch at the Ladysmith Family Restaurant.
It's a run of the mill family diner, but Meadow loves pancakes. So, it works.
Also Theo really loves ceilings lately.
When we arrived the driveway was blocked by the snow berm that plows had created. I had to at the very least level it off so we could barrel through.
With the warm then cold days the snow was icy.

We didn't have room to bring much food so the next morning we went out for breakfast. This time we tried the Three Lakes Diner.
They even had homemade corned beef hash. Definitely coming back here again.
I got the walleye breakfast. This is the first place I&…

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