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An Escape to Duluth and Geocaching Banning State Park

Last minute Scott decided we should go up to Duluth for the night. He had a project to do with Daniel that they didn't' get to the last time we were up.
Plus we just like going to Duluth.
Blake was working on his land and Scott ran out to get some filters.
For my drone.
 Meadow and Daniel entertained us with their music.
While I was gone, Daniel picked up some food.


Then Daniel and I went to shoot some video for a project.
By the time Scott and Daniel finished up it was dark out. We made our way to Blake's land through lanterns and headlamps.
We put the tent up by headlight. 
And then we made pudgy pie grilled cheese over Blake's fire.
Other than the quick stop after our work-cation, we haven't been in Blake's Magical Forest much. 
I always love to see the new thing he's working on.
We cozied in on this chilly night together in our tent.
We actually pitched our tent on Blake's work-in-progress summer home.

The whole thing can be disassembled with a numb…

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