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Pizza Farm, Another Waterfall and Two Wild and Crazy Guys Come to Minneapolis

 I've been wanting to check out this pizza farm in Northfield for a few years now. They are only open on Wednesday's and every 3rd Sunday. It just never worked with our schedules to go. When deciding what to do for dinner I remembered they had just opened for the season again.  Got a phone update and didn't want to make dinner. So, Red Barn Farm seemed like a good choice. Finally Brooke checked this off her list.    They have tables but you are free to sit anywhere you want on the lawn too.   It was the perfect day to enjoy the lawn.   They supply the pizza and you have to bring everything else, including dinnerware. They do have a small shop with a couple sodas for sale, otherwise its BYOB. The pizza is the wood fired variety that's oh-so-popular these day. Not complaining, it's good. Scott thought the pizza was average but it was delicious.  No, I didn't think it was average. It's just run-of-the-mill these days. Would go back. The kids were excited
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Brooke Takes the Kids to Duluth and Gooseberry Falls

This weekend called for summer temps. I looked at going camping but most places were already booked or not open yet. Last minute I decided to go to Duluth. Once Meadow was out of school we headed up.   I had asked Brooke if it was OK to go to a MN United soccer game with my buddy Nate on Saturday. I didn't think she was gonna go to Duluth and the North Shore while I stayed home! Ruthie needed to go on a walk so we tagged along.  

Mother's Day Brews and Bike Ride

  The kids wanted waffles for breakfast. I thought I'd up the deliciousness with some ice cream.    This was a bit extreme for my tastes. At least for breakfast. Then Meadow surprised me with a gift of things she made at school. Beautiful, Meadow! We really didn't have any plans for the day.  Meadow decided it was the perfect chance to play some Switch. We have small closets in our place so we have to switch out our clothes seasonally. I started with Theo's clothes.    Eventually everything was switched out and a few tears were shed for clothing that no longer fits. Cool kids.  It was a nice day so we went out for a bike ride to a new to us brewery.    I'd recently stopped by Wild Minds for the first time. They specialize in sour and wild beers, but they also have good saisons and IPAs, which are more up our alleys. The kids had to settle on LaCroix. This was a nice space, I don't know how we never made it here before.  I thought we could treat the kids to some