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Theo's Birthday, Sushi, Ice Skating and Breweries

Our little dude turned two.
He currently loves oranges so I made him an orange pound cake.
Just look at those eyes! So excited.
He even blew out his candles.

Meadow was excited to wrap his birthday present by herself.

Just like Meadow he loves Richard Scarry books. So, we got him a bundle of 10 of the classic Busy Town books.
For his birthday dinner we went to Sushi Train.

As you can see we ate plate after plate.
We love sushi.

We stick mostly to the vegetarian options, but once in a while I get brave and get some raw fish.

I love that the kids go read books when they wake up.

They were excited to read all the books Theo got.
We had to take a trip to the fabric store to make something for Marina's upcoming birthday.
These kids aren't quite as easy to handle at stores as they used to be.

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