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Mexico 2020 - CDMX - Hipódromo

Day 1 After saving up for a few years we were finally ready to take a real family vacation. Our original plan was to rent a camper van in San Diego and drive down into Baja California. When we couldn't find any rental places that allow you to cross the border we decided on Mexico City.

We each brought one backpack for this trip. My bag consisted of my clothing, the Ergo, all our toiletries and Theo's bib.

Unfortunately, to save around $400, we chose a flight with a layover in Denver that required us to get to MSP airport at 4 am. 
The Denver layover was long and we were tired.
I found some cheap bluetooth headphones. They were popular with Meadow.
I had gotten this travel journal for Meadow to use on our trip. Each page had questions and drawings to fill in. 
This was the kids first flight. Meadow was real excited at first until she realized we go higher then the clouds. She closed the window and said, "I didn't know we were going this high. I don't like this anymor…

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