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Cedar Lake Trail Detours and Sculpture Garden Stop

  The kids asked for Big Pancake for breakfast. I usually eat mine with eggs and spinach and bacon. After seeing mine Theo wanted some poached eggs too. Meadow turned another one of my old pants into a hoodie for tiger. She's never finished with her crafting. I asked Meadow if she wanted to go hiking or biking today and she chose biking. We got to check out the new trail bridge being built. So happy not to have to cross the road anymore. Brooke works just outside of Minneapolis along the Cedar Lake Trail. It's getting rebuilt as a part of the Green Line light rail extension. We were biking along the road when we saw all these phones mounted to a noise wall. Not too far up the trail someone had added this swing. I had to give it a go too. Oh hey check out my new bike bag the fam gave to me for my birthday. It was big enough for the kids and I. Theo has decided he's too big for the bike seat, but not too big to still poop in diapers. He loves hiding and then pooping in diaper
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The Biggest Maple Tree in Minnesota

  Meadow was having a rough morning and needed a hug.  She wanted to play Zelda all day long. The rest of us wanted to go on a hike. We spend so much time getting these kids to get outside and once they are outside they don't want to come back in. Scott chose this weeks hike based off his current love of old growth forests. Wolsfeld Woods SNA just west of the cities in Medina. It's home to the tallest sugar maple in the state. I bet this place is beautiful in the fall. Theo once again was a great hiking mate. Besides the one map near the entrance you were basically left to go wherever you wanted.  We followed the trails, but the understory is wide open and you could just walk anywhere. I think we need to come back here in the summer to let the kids play in the creek. Suddenly hiking was fun. I love hiking with my favorite goofs. Here was the homestead the park is named after. I tried to find evidence of where the home was. Meadow wanted to see the manmade eagles nest in the di