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A Drone, Pie, Pride and a Food Truck Fest

We would eventually get some pie at a local institution, but first we had another Minneapolis summer weekend to take full advantage of.
Momma was still tired from a long week at work. Theo was ready to take on the day.
Meadow on the other hand was still fast asleep.
She's always in some weird position when I wake up.
We had a bit of Pride doughtnuts leftover. I grabbed one before heading out to pick up a drone for work. And fun of course.
Theo is finally big enough for his jumper.
Reading books and talking about Legos.
When I got back we had to test out the DJI Mavic Pro. 
I also picked up that vintage bike. I wanted a bike to keep at my parents so I have one there. This one came with a although probably not safe anymore child seat. It was listed for $20 on Facebook marketplace. When I picked it up the husband answered the door and told me just to take it. Score! It does need a tune up and new tires.
Leftover potato salad for lunch? I guess so.

We went to Veteran's Park across the b…

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