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Another Easter in Duluth

Since Blake is the closest family member and we needed another excuse to go to Duluth, we headed north for Easter.
Meadow has become a little bookworm with her new reading skills.
Blake asked what we wanted for dinner. I responded, "Macho Nachos." He wasn't sure what that meant, but I think he succeeded.
After dinner we headed out for a walk. Blake and Daniel have adopted Zissou's brother General. Meadow was excited that she had her own dog to walk.
Theo was excited to get some fresh air and swinging in.
Whenever we put Theo in the swings he laughs at first, then looks like he's going to throw up and then goes back to laughing.
Meadow on the other hand just keeps on swinging and giggling to this day.
Someone left a note and chocolate on a bench. I was like, "What the heck?"
Hey Meadow what does this sign say? "Oh General, that's why you named him that."
We walked down, not so charming, London Road and over to the lake.
I was surprised to still…

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