From Detroit Lakez to Marquette: Another Workcation

  I had my second shoot in two years up at the Lund Boat Factory in New York Mills. This year the family decided to tag along. So, we found a place to stay up in nearby Detroit Lakes. We stayed at a renovated motel right across from the beach.      We lucked out getting the first room that has window views to the lake.    We mostly chose this place to stay because it was close to the lake and it had a kitchenette. I could make the kids breakfast and lunches while Scott was out working.     After Scott and I were both done with work we went across to check out the lake.    The Lakes Inn. It's a cute place if you're in Detroit Lakes. These kids are both so happy by the water.   We played at the beach and then went for a walk to find dinner. We let the kids play at the playground while we decided where to go for dinner.  We settled on the Lakeside Tavern and Brewery. Because you know we like breweries. It was really more of a brewpub.   Theo was so thirsty he had to drink his
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