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Almost Out of Here: Packing, Crafts and Bike Rides

  We made it to the beach one last time this season. I'm really going to miss being able to walk to the beach whenever.  It's October. Do they call this Global Warming or something? Theo has been very naughty lately and runs away when it's time to go. Theo still loves his magnatiles and plays every single day.  We all love apple pancakes or really any variation of pancakes. Just a few more weeks before the big move. We have a lot more stuff than I thought.  Meadow made a bat signal out of paper, a flash light and magnatiles. Clever gal. Our busy days mean quick meals for dinner.  I had to do some test baking for work. There were no complaints from this family.  Sneaky buddy.  Smoothies all the time.    Theo somehow keeps himself busy as we pack, clean and pack some more. It was another nice weekend so we went on a family bike ride. Grand Avenue is still closed which is perfect for us to bike down and not worry about cars.   Open Streets Grand Avenue has been fun. We en
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Donut Sundaes, Farmers Market Sundays and Canoeing Lake Harriet on a Sunday

We're trying to enjoy our last few weeks in our condo and the neighborhood. We have been going for daily walks, to the park mostly.   We will miss the park so much.   I saw on Instagram that Bogart's now has donut sundaes. We convinced the kids to leave their kickball game to go get some.    Also loving our new blender.    Thanks basement store. Not our neighborhood but one last trip to the farmer's market for the season. With our busy summer we barely made it out this year. There's nothing better than a farmers market visit. The house around the corner from our condo was having a rummage sale. We were hoping for the toy chest for Meadow's costumes but it was already sold. As much as Scott hates it we had to get one more canoe ride in.    I like canoeing. I don't love lugging it to the lake on a cart. This time it wasn't windy so we could go all the way around the lake.  Theo tried fishing to pass time.   Can't believe it took us nearly four years t

More Bryant Avenue Adventures, but Brooke Would Rather Be Camping (Don't Worry. She did.)

  Theo and I have been getting in Lake Harriet adventures since we won't be as close after the move. Theo loves his secret hideout. He even manages to pronounce the h these days. Theo still brings his blankie everywhere he can. At least when I don't catch him before we get out of the house.  

Minneapolis Weekday Adventures and Apple Picking on the Weekend

Meadow returned to school this week. Our big 3rd grader.  We went to the inspection at our new house and afterwards walked over to Vo's for dinner. It's going to be nice having this place closer to us. One of our favorite places and now even closer. We left our house early midweek since our condo had it's inspection. While our condo was being inspected we went out for breakfast before school. I'd never been to Our Kitchen. We always ended up getting donuts from Bogarts across the street instead. It's always packed on the weekends. Was nice to get up early and get a table. Why hadn't Brooke insisted on taking us here. It's so good. Luckily we'll still live close by and stop by again. Note to self though, only order one pancake per kid. They're huge! We dropped Meadow off at school and walked over to the "Boblikin" woods as Theo calls it. A few days later we went apple picking. I am now all for the early apple picking. There's way less cr