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Forestville History Tour x Hipcamp Hideaway on the Root River

We headed southeast on our next history and Hip(camping) weekend. 

Exploring (and Camping) Southwest Minnesota Historical Sites

We have most of the southern portion of Minnesota to visit before the end of the year.  That's when our Minnesota Historical Society membership expires...unless G.G. renews it again.

Theo @ 5 Months

Little Theo is starting to get more playful and aware of his surroundings. He's finally becoming a playful little bugger.  He definitely is growing taller instead of wider. He's still very long and skinny. The doctor told us Meadow was too skinny and it's the same with Theo. Overall he's growing. He's just not a chunker. Meadow was short, Theo is skinny. He holds his head up real high when he's on his stomach. He likes to grab his toys and our hair and pull off Meadow's glasses when she gets too close. He's started doing raspberries. He rolls from front to back and back to front.  For a couple weeks he was sleeping through the night. He still goes to bed between 8:30-10 and get's up once at night. Now he seems to wake up once or twice. He's working on sitting up. We can put him in the high chair when we eat although he gets upset watching us eat.  He has hair, but its so blonde it's hard to

Pick-Your-Own Berry Day - Theo Edition

Today is one my favorite summer traditions. Berry picking.  Ah, berry picking. It's kind of a big deal around here. In the mornings when Meadow sleeps in I will bring Theo to her to get her to wake up. Today backfired because he fell back asleep. Isn't this every parent's dream? Morning without kids. Yes, please. Not when we have places to be. Eventually we got on the road and headed to our usual berry picking spot. The Berry Patch.  The blueberries bushes were pretty full; normally we don't go until the end of the month.  Soon Theo will be able to help too. For now it's a three person job. I always get a little crabby picking berries. This is not a job I'd volunteer for.  It makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into the berries you buy at the store. Meadow mostly picks and eats anyway. After we got our bucketfull we headed to Marine On St. Croix for our picnic lunch. Theo ate some mommy milk

B-day, 4th, Tattoos (Wait, What?), Yay

This year we spent the week of Meadow's birthday in Wisconsin. First for her birthday party in Green Bay and then up at the cottage for some good old-fashioned 4th of July fun. We were heading out of town the day of Meadow's actual birthday. During breakfast we let her open a gift.  Girly potato heads.