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Dinner for Lunch and Beer for Dinner

Meadow and I are working on a cat purse that she designed. I tell her what to do and she's been doing all the sewing herself. She's going to be a fashion designer. Her new favorite show is Project Runway. Little buddy loves playing with cars. Meadow likes Wii Fit. We put back together the learning tower since Theo loves climbing up things. He thinks it's the greatest being able to see everything. He helped me make some chickpea flatbread. I almost finished my book except I ran short of a few pages. This time I actually finished it. That's after she ordered a few more pages. Photo books are expensive, whether digitally made or by hand.  Roll, roll, roll the dough until... you have some flatbread. Since we were going to meet up with some friends during dinner, I made dinner for lunch. Falafel. These two. We met up with Shannyn, Brent, Allyson, Tom and their kids at Utepil's taproom. This

Big Bike Fun: Our First Yuba Adventure

A week removed from Brooke's surgery and with our new-to-us Yuba Mundo Lux nearly assembled we were ready for an adventure. Also all the snow had mostly melted and the roads were finally clear.

Meadow Has A Playdate

Brooke had her wisdom teeth taken out, which means it would be a boring weekend.  I was still pretty out of it 3 days later. Luckily Meadow had a playdate. She put on one of her favorite dresses and asked me to tie the bow. That's what dad's do I guess. Chipmunk mama and baby chipmunk stayed back while I took Meadow over to her friend Georgia's place. The girls were quick to start crafting. I had planned on dropping off Meadow, but ended up staying the whole time and chatting with Georgia, Celia and Ruby's dads and Georgia's mom. The girls came over for a snack. And then Georgia's mom was nice enough to make all the girls lunches. We'll definitely have to do this again with all the mom's too. I came back and fed little mess maker some black beans. This kid knows how to make a mess. Brooke was still super tired from the wisdom teeth surgery, so it was solo parenting much of the day. I wish I had had my teeth

A Tiny House-Driftless Brooke Birthday Weekend

Theo is now an expert at feeding himself. Still messy but at least he gets it mostly in his mouth. 

Papa and Meadow Sledding / Bruch with Nate and Jess

Little buddy will eat anything. An-y-thing... We're sticking to eating waffles. We've been on quite the waffle tear recently. Our new Nordic Ware heart waffle pa n is awesome. I woke up feeling very tired like I was getting sick. Then I made her mad on top of that. When it was time to put Theo down for a nap I slept with him in bed, with my boots still on. While the sleepy bears napped, Meadow and I decided to go sledding. The original plan was to snowshoe as a family, but this would keep us busy. As you can see the snow keeps on piling up. Everyone else seems to be complaining, but we think it's the best winter in years. Meadow skied from our condo, but every once and a while we'd come upon an actual cleared sidewalk. I'd carry the little gal over to the next patch of snow. When we arrived Meadow opted to play in the snow for a bit. And draw us sledding. Such a little artist. Hey it's our nei