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Bike Rides, Old Houses and a Few Breweries

On Wednesday we picked up Meadow from school to go on a bike ride with friends. Theo was jealous of her banana.

Another Easter in Duluth

Since Blake is the closest family member and we needed another excuse to go to Duluth, we headed north for Easter. Meadow has become a little bookworm with her new reading skills.

Donut Walks are the Best Walks

Smoothie face cutie. This kid gets in so much trouble, but he's darn cute.

A Roadside Hotel and a Spring Thaw Three Lakes Weekend

Meadow was on spring break. Our original plans was to go to Mexico. Since we don't have passports and our plans to drive a camper van into Baja fell through we substituted for the cottage. That's after our plans to go to Chicago for the weekend also fell through. We left Thursday after I got out of work. Almost halfway along the rain turned to snow. The roads weren't bad, but the snow was so thick and it was foggy that we could barely see the road. It was like Star Wars hyperspace bad. We were going at most 30 mph. It was getting late and we knew it would take us at least 3 more hours to get there. We decided to stop at a hotel right off the highway near Prentice. Meadow thought this place was great. She especially loved the bedding. This motel was so basic they didn't even have a crib for Theo.