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Theo's First Kids Birthday Party

Last month I asked Theo what he wanted to do for his birthday. He said he wanted to have a birthday party. We let him invite 5 friends from school for a gathering at our house. Well, I told him he could invite more, but he said those 5 were his friends. I guess you can't argue with that. Meadow helped out with most of the planning and decorating. Can't say I did much other than order the pizza and pickup his cake. The anticipation was palpable. And then Theo's first friend arrived. Theo requested Dominos and fruit and veggies. I ordered way too much pizza. Partially because we forgot to mention lunch on the invites.   

Theo's 6th Cottage Birthday Weekend

And we're back at the cottage. We got a bingo game to play at Theo's birthday party next weekend. We brought it along because it's the kids favorite game. Yay for snow and cold temps this weekend. Winter, we haven't had nearly enough of you.    Someday the kids will ask why there are so many pictures of them on the big swing. Obviously they loved it. G.G. made grandpa put up a new playground, but all the kids want to do is use the old swing set and the aforementioned big swing.

Theo @ 6 Years


Welcome Home, Pecan the Cat

Both kids said they wanted to make their own valentines this year. Meadow and I picked up some supplies and away they went. After Meadow successfully completed her "Don't-be-so-shy Cat Challenge" we finally adopted a new kitty, Pecan! Our first cat was named Peanut, so when our new little gal was named Pecan by the Rescue Crew , we had to keep the name. Petting her cat in her cat pajamas of course.

38th Birthday Bike Ride and More

I  woke up to a nice birthday note from Meadow.  I had some PTO to use, it was Scott's birthday, the weather was supposed to be unusually warm and Blake and Daniel were in town. Since our ice rink was melting we thought we'd go for a bike ride.