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Hanging Art and Eating Pizza

We haven't been so good about having Sunday breakfast recently. I'm usually too hungry in the mornings to wait for Scott.  As soon as I got up I gathered all my supplies for hanging Mapping Disaster at Intermedia Arts. We had quite the scare earlier this week when I caught a stomach bug and was sick for 12 hours. Since then my reflux has been horrible keeping me up at night. I guess its my body's way of getting me ready for what's to come.  The power had went out on Friday night after a Jurassic Park-like downpour. We had to bring everything over to Emma and Tyler's before I shot a wedding on Saturday only to bring everything back later that night.  Come Sunday I realized I had not taken the cream cheese to their house in the first place. I had to scrape off all of  it to make the bagels edible. The main reason I took all our groceries over to our friend's house was to save a batch of raspberry oreo ice cream I started before the

Practice Time with Baby Madeline

Again I enjoy my breakfast alone while Scott sleeps.  And once again I'm awoke to photograph my now very pregnant wife. I can't believe the baby could be here in as little as 2 weeks.  I'm pretty particular about getting the kitchen cleaned up before going to bed, but after dinner the night before we headed to Uptown and didn't get back until late. I got started on cleaning up.  Scott called his dad for Father's Day. Only to talk to my mother. Father Tuska was on an errand. Despite more rainy days than sunny ones our garden seems to be doing okay.  Cevonne and Jose are  moving out to Boonesville at the end of the month. They had been spending the weekend painting their new place. Apparently having Madeline  there was too distracting so they asked if we could hang out with her while they worked.  I'm going to miss having them live in St. Paul. We really don't cross the river too much except to see them.  They we

Mille Lacs for the Day

Yesterday I made yogurt and today it was ready to go in the fridge. 

Up North Again

We decided to head back up to the cottage one last time before this little baby comes. Scott suggested we bring one of the kayaks so we both could go. We stopped at Fleet Farm on the way to pick up a transporter. Unfortunately the vibrating ropes were so loud we couldn't handle the noise and after an hour we stuffed it back in the car. It'll be fine to use on city streets, but on the highway it sounded like a turbine engine. Since we only had one of the kayaks it nearly fit in the car. I had to strap down the hatch, but it was a quiet ride the rest of the way up.