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Cedar Lake Trail Detours and Sculpture Garden Stop

  The kids asked for Big Pancake for breakfast. I usually eat mine with eggs and spinach and bacon. After seeing mine Theo wanted some poached eggs too. Meadow turned another one of my old pants into a hoodie for tiger. She's never finished with her crafting. I asked Meadow if she wanted to go hiking or biking today and she chose biking.  

The Biggest Maple Tree in Minnesota

On the night before St Patricks Day, Meadow made a leprechaun trap.  Maybe next year Meadow.   Meadow was having a rough morning and needed a hug.  She wanted to play Zelda all day long. The rest of us wanted to go on a hike. We spend so much time getting these kids to get outside and once they are outside they don't want to come back in. Scott chose this weeks hike based off his current love of old growth forests. Wolsfeld Woods SNA just west of the cities in Medina. It's home to the tallest sugar maple in the state.

Is it later Winter or Early Spring? Either Way We Hiked Wild River State Park

  We're late this year but smoothie season is back. I had no idea there was a season. With the snow mostly melted that means the trails at the parks are open to hikers again. I figured the closer state parks would be busy so we settled on Wild River State Park.  

The UP's Copper Cabin for Brooke's 36th Birthday

  We went big for my birthday cabin weekend this year. Scott even said, What is this your 40th birthday? Usually we just do one or two nights somewhere but this year we did 4 nights.  I figured we wouldn't be traveling quite as much this year, so we could splurge a bit for Brooke's birthday weekend. We started our first night at a  yurt in Cable, Wisconsin  to break up the drive.   It was a pretty hike in.  They insisted you'd need snowshoes or a fat bike, but really the trail was tamped down so much we could've used just boots. I had no idea we would be staying in the middle of miles of skiing and snowshoeing trails. You can snowshoe or ski right up to the yurt.