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Grand Rapids to the Gunflint Trail: A Work-cation

Scott had a few jobs in Northern Minnesota to do so he packed them all in to one week to make a trip out of it.  I offer a special rate for my 360 photography to Minnesota tourism businesses through Explore Minnesota.  We would be making stops in and around Grand Rapids, Duluth, Grand Marais and the end of the Gunflint Trail. Of course I have to bring the family along.  If I'm going to have to take off work to stay home with the kids, I might as well come along too.

Theo @ 6 Months

 Little Theo is becoming more mobile. He rolls from front to back and back to front. He can spin around while on his stomach and grabs everything when in reach. He gets mad when we eat together and he can't join. He's tried lots of new foods already. Avocado, banana, oatmeal, watermelon, peach, cucumber, onion. He loves to suck on his toes. When going to bed he likes to snuggle with a blanket. He's working on sitting on his own. He sits in a shopping cart and highchair fine. He loves to grunt and "talk" loudly, chew on Meadow's toys, grab glasses off people's faces and loves trying new foods. When people talk to him he smiles and then looks away shyly. He's realized there are people he knows and people he doesn't. When strangers hold him he gets scared. He likes to giggle with Meadow. He still hates car rides or wearing a life jacket. He is usually only upset if he's hungry or wants to be held. He will

Our First Dakota County Fair, a Wirth House Tour and Morgan Stops in Mpls

We have always wanted to go to a county fair here in Minnesota. Usually we are gone during fair time, but this year lucked out and we were home during the  Dakota County Fair . Once and while Meadow and Theo play without Theo crying. This picture has nothing to do with this blog post, but it sure is cute. Buds. I like how the edge of the Twin Cities metro can be so country. Wonder Woman requested a pronto pup. She's officially a Minnesotan. They had the mini ferris wheel here! Theo was POed that he couldn't ride with Meadow. Meadow really wanted to go in a floating hamster ball.  Sadly it was not included with the ride tickets, but cost extra. Instead Meadow and I went a roller coaster together.  We took a break from rides and checked out the animal buildings. The fairgrounds also has a heritage village . The Dakota City Heritage Village, to be exact. We got to explore all the old buildings and homes.