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The After Party-Lazys

Scott and I went out to a Halloween party in our neighborhood the night before. We stayed out late and got up "early" so today resulted in our first lazy day in probably 3 years.  I made a pate fermente the night before and took it out when I got up to "take the chill" off.  This is my, "I have to do dishes face." Leftovers for lunchfast on my end, cause, "I didn't want to make no stinking crepes," or something like that. I spent the day in PJs complaining about my stomach and enjoying a Packers win. Scott watches one Packer game a year and today was that day.  I had oatmeal for breakfast, but was still hungry an hour later so I made myself an egg.  We were randomly starving, so I fried some fresh tortilla chips and made a batch of guacamole. Best husband ever! Guacamole and Fresh Chips 2-3 Avocados 1 Hot Pepper minced A bit of Minced Onion and Tomato 1 Garlic Clove minced A dash of Cumi

The Second Annual Pumpkin Carving Night

On the Wednesday night a week before Halloween we did our annual pumpkin carving with Cevonne and Jose.  Cevonne was excited to make margaritas before she realized they didn't have any ice.  Then she took my camera and started shooting up the place. I think she was still disappointed we had no ice on the premises. Somehow we decided on pizza for dinner. JT couldn't decide where to order it from. Madeline was sad she didn't get a pumpkin.  We ordered Toppers for dinner. Scott said, "I don't think I've ever eaten this sober." I was pretty full. She was also showing off Cevonne's Trinidad and Tobago t-shirt. Then we all set to work on our gut scooping while Madeline looked at us like we were weirdos.  Both Scott and I had come up with better faces than last year . I was in it, to win it or at least make decent showing. Scott actually spent more then 5 minutes on his.  JT and I just

Mr. Mike, Handyman Extrodinaire (Or In-Laws)

My parents and older sister came up for the weekend so my dad could do some work on our house and my sister could do some baby shopping. One of the projects was replacing our front door from the ugly 70's one to one that fit the house better. There wasn't a lot of room for me to help, so I mostly got out the way. In the afternoon I had an engagement session and had to leave Mr. Mike. I came back started making posole, which Brittany had started by marinating the pork. If you haven't had it, it's basically a pork and hominy stew. You can add fresh veggies you like as you eat it. When I got home Brittany and Momma Gail were gone, so basically Mr. Mike finished the door and I cooked dinner for the next four hours. I decided to make guac to calm the masses. We all love gaucamole. We ate the posole at 8 or so and enjoyed a few brewskies. We always get Grain Belt when he's in town. For breakfast Scott made everyone (Surprise!) apple crepes