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A Northwoods New Year, Pt. II

After lunch we decided to go sledding. We headed to a secret spot (the same place I went hiking with my parents and Blake this summer) where an old ski resort was.   Apparently we weren't the only ones that thought this was a secret. A group of locals were there with their snowmobiles and were hanging around a campfire.  Luckily for us no one was using the giant hill. This was a serious ski hill. Everytime we would go down we'd crash one or two times and then end up in the middle of brush. exhibit a exhibit b exhibit c exhibit d One time Blake become an abominable snowman. Walking up the hill was a lot of work. It took like 5 minutes just to get up to the top. Well for me at least. After each of us taking 4 turns we had enough and it was getting dark out so we headed home. I took one last trip down the big hill. Before heading out for our New Year's dinner we worked on our new craft projects. Desp

A Northwoods New Year, Pt. I

We headed up to northern Wisconsin for New Years for the 3rd year in a row. I was mostly excited to see a part of my family since not being able to see them for Christmas. We first made a stop for lunch at Burrito Cubano. I was glad I thought of this before we got too far for fear of having to get fast food on the way.  Somewhere along the first couple miles I dropped the burrito on my leg. Burritos that big are not meant for eating while driving. We followed Snoop Dog for awhile. I was a little nervous that there wasn't going to be much snow up north. Halfway there there was still just a dusting on the ground. By the way that's Purple flavored Colt 45 he's shilling for. My parents called and asked if we could pick up some coffee. I don't think I've ever seen them not have coffee in the morning so I knew it was an emergency. We stopped at Trig's in Rhinelander on the way. We also picked up some beer, which I picked out. When I got