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Theo's 4th Birthday, Fun Day

  After a busy last few months at work and at home I took Friday off to spend the day with Theo. First up was asking him what he wanted for his birthday breakfast. He chose a chocolate big pancake.      I told him we can do whatever he wanted today. I thought we might go to the childrens museum or something but he just wanted to play toys.  We also had to celebrate his birthday on Animal Crossing.   Lucky guy got to spend his whole day with mama and papa. Since we've been getting our condo ready to sell, moving and most recently fixing up the rental, we've been so busy.  Next Theo wanted to go to the Bobolokin Woods. I sure do miss walking over here everyday. Felt kind of weird to drive over.  Going to Boblikin woods was at least what he said. Really he just wanted to play under the trees at the Peace Garden. He was having a blast.  Soon the wind picked up and we convinced him to go to the toy store to pick out a toy. He wanted to stay all day.  Then we picked up his cake. T

Theo @ 4 Years

  Our little love Theodore.   He's not afraid to show or admit his feelings.  He's definitely emotional just like his papa. He may not know the alphabet but he's already doing simple math.  He's always asking us, "Papa, do you know what 4+6 is?" and then telling us the correct answer. Theo loves playing Zelda , watching the show Number Blocks , being in nature, randomly giving hugs and kisses, "nimming" on his blankie and eating mac and cheese everyday. He'll usually eat 2-3 breakfasts and two bites of dinner. Unless it's sushi or tamales.    Seeing if Theo (or Meadow) will eat dinner is always an adventure when it's not one of his favorites.  He's really grown up in the last year: being basically toilet training overnight, getting himself dressed and ice skating on single blades. Maybe this year he'll learn to ride a bike.  How old are you? Shows 4 fingers What is your favorite color? All the colors in the world except for pi

Finishing Up the Rental, A Quick Drone Shoot and Valentine's Day

The kids are pretty good at keeping themselves busy while we finish up prepping the rental. Every weekend has been pretty cold but as we are wrapping up the rental I had time to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I went to the hardware store to pickup the National Geographic book that my photo was featured in (and pickup some paint).   They told him his photo would be in the book 2 years ago, was nice to finally see it in print.  Our neighborhood hardware store is also a UPS drop off/pick up location. Hey there's Brooke in the Boundary Waters.  I guess you can say that I'm a National Geographic published photographer . Crazy. Nothing like enjoying fresh homemade cinnamon roll and sharing your newfound minor fame on social media. Meanwhile I tackled my mending pile.  The Picasso Tiles/Magic Tracks/Brio city just kept on getting bigger and bigger.   It's nice when they get along and play together.   Finally got some more use of my table saw and installed this missing pi