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Tacos and Hayden on Easter Sunday

Baby Bo-Dot has been moving like crazy and lets us feel its head and feet. This is getting real folks. While Scott was still in bed I made breakfast for myself. Since I assumed he wouldn't have time to eat and he doesn't like oatmeal, I didn't share. Thanks honey. You're so considerate. I starting prepping the bread before we headed to church. Scott almost didn't go because he was "too tired" to make it to the 11am service. I didn't sleep well, lady. As soon as we got back I shaped the bread. We were having fried chicken sandwiches in a few days, so half of the dough was made into rolls. Then Scott got to look for his Easter basket. This year is his last one since from now on it will just be for the kid(s). I'll miss being a kid. In the process of looking he takes down our Christmas wreath. I was making sure the Easter basket wasn't hidden in the fake foliage. He looked everywhere.  I guess the

Sick Day

I feel bigger than I look. She also looks bigger than she looks. Scott has been sick the last week and a half and I finally caught it on our last day in California. I managed to make it all winter without getting sick, but today I felt like crud when I woke up. I thought I was starting feel better, but the after the super early plane ride from San Fran that was not the case. We still had things to do despite our sickness. I did laundry while Scott made out a grocery list.  Brooke takes days to come up with two meals, so I have to figure out the rest. Then Scott helped me change the sheets before we went to the grocery store.  I'm a good husband like that. Since I chose to be medicine free during this pregnancy I loaded up on immune boosting foods. I love oranges almost as much as I love Brooke. They're both great. The night before we had dinner at Element, a local pizza place that uses brick ovens, down on Broadway across the river. Li

Oakland Ain't That Bad and Berkeley's the Madison of the West

DAY 6 Katie had a doctors appointment in the morning so she had the car today. We drove back up the Bay Area, this time towards Oakland.  I've been told many times that Oakland is a not so nice place. Actually going there revealed the opposite. It has beautiful Lake Merritt, a bustling Midwest-like downtown and of course the opulent  Fox Theater . Oh, and they had 130 murders last year. Minneapolis has the same population and only had 40. So, I guess that might skew peoples perception. We were hungry and parked in Old Oakland to look for someplace to eat.  For lunch We settled on a small Mexican place Cosechea. They had a strawberry lime drink that was awesome. Plus they had homemade tortillas for their tacos.  It was in a mini-market sharing space with a fish monger, butcher and wine shope. My horchata was great and the place just had a great vibe. Also my lips turned orange from adobo sauce. I guess Old Oakland was the original downtown in

Another San Jose Adventure

DAY 5 For breakfast Scott and I split our treats from Tartine. I picked out a frangipagne or as the guy there called it fraan-gee-pan. I picked a coconut cream tart. This was pretty good, but very rich.  Us comparing bellies or something. They did this all week. It was raining in the morning and was supposed to all day (plus our legs were like bricks), so we decided to go back to San Francisco tomorrow and spend the day in San Jose. We knew it was going to rain either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, so I guess it was no surprise that we lost on one day in the big city. We thought we'd get out of the house and eat somewhere downtown. Some of the main streets are cute enough, but there are a lot vacant buildings. Seeing as San Jose has the largest population in the bay area, but's it sprawls across the south bay. I hope that their downtown sees better times.  Scott had commented on Teske's a few days ago so I suggested there. Katie said th